China Southern Airlines, with its Chinese and Western food, will be a feast to you and will bring an experience most worthy of expecting. Either the most pure and distinctive Chinese dishes, or the elaborately selected Western food, you can always be surprised by discovering the dishes most adaptable to your taste.

China Southern Airlines provides the first class cabin passengers with many kinds of delicious food and elaborately designed menus each month. We also provide Chinese food and Western food, over 8 kinds of beverage. We prepare cold dishes, salad (vegetables or soup), desserts or special snacks, fruits, bread, cheese dishes or spices dishes, main course (choose 1 in 4) and rice, noodles and other main dishes.

Pastry dishes include cold main dishes, fresh seasonal fruits, desserts or special snacks, Chinese congee, bread, etc., which will enrich your nutrition.

In addition, China Southern Airlines also has the “wine cellar on air”. Travelers on the airplane can not only taste delicious beverage, but also feel the
the specialized and pure culture of wine.

The above services is provided only for some flights and air lines.

Western-style breakfast
You can choose from the mixture of rice crisp pieces and milk, French slippery fried eggs as Well as spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken sauce.
Chinese breakfast
All kinds of pastry, congee and elaborately chosen vegetables
Different kinds of nutritious bread
Seasonal fruits

Cold snacks before dinner
Nutritious bread, mingled with specially made camembert sandwich, baked chicken, scamp, etc., and poured with various home-made sauce, makes your appetizer more attractive.
Hot snacks before dinner
Distinctive snacks such as elaborately selected satay chicken bunch, curry beef bunch, three-color asparagus bunch, etc..
Cold dishes
Norwegian smoke lamb tenderloin, scamp, crab pincers, laver seafood roll, abalone seeds, jellyfish, other seafood feast and Chaozhou brine beef.
Fresh salad that prepared by the flight attendants according to your taste as well as various side dishes is up to your choice.
Stewed lean meat soup with Chinese date and gastrodia elata, pure cream seafood soup
Hot dishes
Western hot dishes: baked Lobster with cheese, US steak with herb butter
Chinese hot dishes: fried silver pout, Guangdong roast goose
Chinese-style desserts, Western-style desserts
Cheese platte
Camembert cheese, blue cheese, emmenthal cheese and various candied fruits
Various nutritious bread
Fresh seasonal fruits
Tea cake
Various egg custard tart and delicious cakes
Ice cream
Haagen-dazs ice cream

Late Supper
Big bowl of beef noodles of China Southern Airlines: hand-made stretched noodles in intense beef bone soup, covered with pieces of brisket and cowheels, together with parsley flakes, fried pepper circles and fried peanuts; pepper sauce and mature vinegar can be added according to personal flavor.
You can choose Ferrero rocher, mushroom spinach pie, seasonal fruit basket, instant noodles or tuna fish sandwich that suits your taste.

*Outbound flights of some areas can't provide all sorts of dishes, please consult the local ticketing office for details.