Safety Guidelines

According to relevant rules and corporate regulations, please follow the professional instructions of the crew staff during boarding and the following information is for your reference.

Carry-on Baggage Regulations

China Southern Airlines pays attention to each passenger's feelings. We will offer suitable assistance to the sick and disabled, the elderly, unaccompanied minors or teenagers, pregnant women and passengers with infants and children. Your carry-on baggage and other items can be stored in the enclosed baggage carrier, locker room, and under the seats with brakes. For flight safety, please don't place any baggage in front of the emergency exit or in the aisle so as to avoid any accidents. Please follow the baggage weight limitation and ensure you a safe and confortable trip. If your baggage exceeds the size and weight limits, the crew will send your baggage to the cargo compartment for transport.

Rules on Using Electronic Devices

As the biggest airline company in China, China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd always pay special attention to flight safety. From the time when the aircraft door is closed for departure to that when the door is opened after arrival, passengers and crews in the plane are not allowed to use portable electronics actively sending out radio signals, including mobile phones (mobile phones in flight mode included), walkie talkies, remote control toys and other remote control electronic devices. Portable recorders, hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers and electric shavers are allowed. However, use of portable radios, CD players, video game consoles and video recorders are prohibited during taking off, climbing, descending, approaching, landing or other critical stages of flight.

Rules on Alcoholic Beverages

China Southern Airlines doesn't provide minor passengers with alcoholic beverages. For the purpose of the order and safety of the cabin, the steward has the right of refusal to provide alcohols to any passengers of being drunken.

Other Tips

According to law, all flights of China Southern Airlines are non-smoking flights. There is no smoking area in our planes. Please do not smoke on board. You are specially reminded that smoking in the washroom may pose a threat to flight safety. We have set smoke detectors in the washrooms, so please pay special attention to the above regulation.

Disruptive, Rude and Dangerous Behaviors

China Southern Airlines will hand over unlawful interference occurred in the cabin to the police and judicial authority according to state laws and civil aviation regulations. The air police in the plane is affiliated to state law enforcement agencies, having the right to deal with passengers' aberrant behaviors and immoral behaviors in the cabin. All passengers are prohibited to do the following things: smoke in the cabin, assault the crew and harm other people, misreport perils, endanger flight safety, use electronic devices without permission, open emergency equipment against the rules, pick quarrels and provoke troubles, get drunk and rowdy, sexually harass others, occupy the aircraft or do other things against the rules. China Southern Airlines has the right to take all necessary actions against the above mentioned behaviors to ensure the safety, health and comfortableness of passengers and crews.