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In-flight Service


Culinary experience for Luxurious First Class, First Class and Business Class; introduction of special meals, wine cellars and tea houses

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Films, Musics, Books and Portable Multimedia Devices on Board

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Featured Cabins

Features of Luxurious First Class, First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy Class

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Cabin Layout

Aircraft and Cabin Layout of China Southern Airbus and Boeing; Info of Fleets

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Brand-new A380 Experience

Brand-new A380 Deluxe First Class, First Class, Economy Class Experience.

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Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-free Items Order Methods, Variety of Ordered Goods, Appropriate Flight, Payment Currency and Duty-free Shopping Limitation

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Passenger Safety Guidelines

Rules and Info on Portable baggage, Electronic Items, Alcoholic Beverage and Behavior in Cabin

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