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What are the restrictions on pregnant passengers?

* The pregnant woman whose pregnancy does not exceed 32 weeks (included) can be transported as a common passenger except that her doctor advises that she is not fit for air travel.

* The pregnant Woman whose pregnancy exceeds 32 weeks shall provide the following information in the medical diagnostic certificate issued by her doctor:

- Name and age of the passenger;

- Date of pregnancy;

- Flights and dates of the travel;

- Whether fit for air travel or not;

- Whether special care onboard is required or not, etc.

* The above mentioned medical diagnostic certificate shall be issued within 72 hours prior to embarkation and sealed by a hospital not lower than county level and signed by the doctor before validation.

* The passenger whose pregnancy exceeds 9 months (36 weeks) and the expected date of confinement is within 4 weeks or not ascertained but it has been known that there will be a multiple pregnancy or delivery complication, such passenger will not be accepted for transportation.

Before reservation for pregnant women whose pregnancy is between 32 weeks to 36 weeks, they shall complete a Special Passenger (Pregnant Women) Application Form for Air Travel (the format of which is the same as the Application Form of Passengers with disabilities) and check the Medical Diagnostic Certificate according to the above transport conditions. They can book their seats only after the consistency with the transport conditions has been confirmed.

For details, please refer to Special Assistance.