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Hotel Reservation

1. How to book a hotel online?

Step One: Inquire about hotels

Step Two: Select a hotel

Step Three: Fill in hotel reservation form

Step Four: Submit hotel reservation form

2. How can I find a suitable hotel from the China Southern Airlines website?

First select your required destination city name (e.g. "Beijing"), then narrow down the search scope through more search criteria respectively, including hotel name, rate range, hotel rating, type etc. to find your favorite one.

3. What is Service Apartment?

The so-called "Service Apartment" refers to the apartment providing hotel management services. In addition to the traditional hotel services, it primarily provides residents with family-living arrangements and home-style services.

4. What is a Resort Hotel?

The so-called "Resort Hotel" refers to accommodation facilities with reception services for vacation tours, as well as distinctive architectural style, design & decoration, service quality, recreational facilities and other supporting functions of individual features, which is also a tourist attraction and travel destination.

5. What is an Economic Hotel?

The so-called "Economic Hotel" refers to hotels which are not involved in the star-rating system for domestic hotels with smaller scale, limited facilities and cheaper price, mainly providing lodgers with clean and simple living environment.

6. What are the criteria of a star hotel?

Star hotels include hotels which have passed the star-rating initiated by National Tourism Administration Of The People's Republic Of China (CNTA) and obtained an appropriate title; also include hotels which are not involved in the star-rating system but insist that their facilities have basically reached the appropriate level. Unrated hotels may have some deficiencies in hardware facilities compared with the star-rating criteria of CNTA.

7. Are taxes and duties included in the rates I have inquired? Are there any other hidden fees?

1) The room rates published on the China Southern Airlines website are the agreed rates between China Southern Airlines and hotels, which are special offer given to China Southern Airlines by hotels.

2) Rates paid at the reception or via the internet which have been published on China Southern Airlines website have included service charges, without covering other charges and taxes (specific rate is subject to confirmation).

The publishedprices on the China Southern Airlines' website are all negotiated prices that China Southern Airlines signs with various hotels, they are preferential prices offered by hotels to China Southern Airlines;

8. Will I get free breakfast after booking a room?

Not all the hotel rooms you book offer free breakfasts. It depends on the hotels. Generally, breakfast information, e.g. "Free breakfasts included or not", and "One or two free breakfasts included" etc. shall be specified in the specific room type introduction.

9. Why does the room rate I inquire this time differ from that I got previously?

Hotel rates change with seasons and supply & demand conditions etc. If you see a favorable rate, please book it as soon as possible before you miss the special offer. Please note that all hotel rates are subject to supply constraints, and the rates cannot be guaranteed before the completion of the reservation.

10. What can I do if the room rate of the hotel I'd like to book cannot be found?

As hotel rates have not yet been established, you cannot find relevant rates temporarily. We kindly suggest that you book other hotels or dial the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539 to contact us and we will recommend hotels of the same level.

11. What are the differences among "Rack Rate", "Reception Rate" and "Online Rate"?

"Rack Rate" refers to the retail rate published at the hotel reception; "Reception Rate" and "Online Rate" refer to the rates after discount, namely, China Southern Airlines VIP rates. The differences are that reception rate means room rate paid at the hotel reception when checking out, while online rate is the room rate paid to China Southern Airlines in advance via online booking by cash or credit card (supported by China Southern Airlines system) etc.

12. Points for attention when filling in the reservation form

What should I pay attention to when completing the reservation form?

1) At least the name of one check-in guest should be provided for each room when booking, so as to help the hotel find your reservation quickly and make arrangements for you.

2) Guests' real information is required in filling in the information of check-in guests and contact person, to make sure that China Southern Airlines can contact you timely to confirm in case any problem occurs in the confirmation process.

3) Check whether breakfast is included in the room rate, as well as related guarantee clauses and rules of reservation.

13. How many days in advance should I book the hotel?

We suggest that you book it one to three days in advance. However, during weekends, holidays, exhibitions or tourist seasons, you should book it further in advance of your arrival, in case the hotel is so fully booked that you cannot get a suitable room.

14. How many rooms can I book using one reservation form?

You can book several rooms at one time, but this will be determined by the maximum number of rooms in hotel search criteria published on website. Please note: when you choose the maximum number of rooms, search results will be limited to relatively smaller choices in hotel and room type, and what is more, the hotel cannot guarantee that all the rooms you booked could be arranged in an adjacent or close position.

15. Can I book hotels for others?

Yes, you can book rooms on behalf of others following the specific operation mode: when filling in the reservation form, you need to provide at least one check-in guest's name for each room you have booked; when checking in, guests are required to present a valid certificates consistent with the names you provided in booking.

16. What should I pay attention to when booking a hotel?

1) Prompts given by the hotel, indicating its conditions during a certain period of time (e.g. free pick-up service and decoration of part floors etc.)

2) Features of room type with relevant descriptions (e.g. face lake, face north etc.)

3) Booking guarantee information or rules given by hotel

17. Why should I provide reasons, flight No. (or train No.) or other information if I check in later than 18:00?

Due to your late check-in, the hotel needs relevant flight/ train information to know about your general travel so as to keep the room for you.

18. What is repeat booking?

Booking two or more rooms/ hotels with the same guest's name and check-in date is called repeat booking, which not only causes loss to hotels, but brings harm to guest's interests. As a result, we don’t accept this kind of booking.

19. Why should I provide my credit card as guarantee as it wasn't necessary before?

In a tight period, in order to reduce NO SHOW (not check in) and guarantee the normal check-in of customers, credit cards need to be provided.

The general situations in which a guarantee needs to be provided are stated as follows:

A. peak tourist seasons or popular scenic spots;

B. hotel stays during the exhibition or national holidays;

C. the retention time exceeds the hotel limitation.

During reservation, after your credit card information has been verified, you bookings will be retained until the 12 o'clock at noon on the next day. If you exceed the time limit, your order will be viewed as NO SHOW (not check in), and the hotel will deduct the first night's room charges from your credit card. Please note that once the booking s have been verified, you can only change or cancel the order in the effective working days required by the hotels.

20. What will happen if I cancel or change the reservation beyond the valid time limit after providing my credit card as the guarantee?

1) Different hotels have a different last cancellation time after providing credit card as a guarantee, and if any changes occur to your travel, you are required to inform us before the last cancellation time to cancel the reservation;

2) Cancelling the reservation beyond latest cancellation time or no show will entitle the hotel to levy relevant room rates as a penalty in accordance with international conventions.

3) If you have booked three rooms and actually check in two of them, one night room rate of the other room will be levied by the hotel;

4) The booking operator will inform the guest of the last cancellation time or it will be displayed on the webpage while booking.

21. Can I check in without paying for the room rate since I have already provided my credit card as a guarantee?

No. The credit card is provided to guarantee that you are sure to check in, requiring the hotel to keep the reservation for you. And you are still required to pay for the room rate at the hotel reception after arrival. Only if you don't check in as scheduled or cancel before the last cancellation time resulting in losses of hotel, will we charge the corresponding room rate from your credit card.

22. I provided my credit card as guarantee for the hotel reservation and the room rate will be levied due to no show. How can you charge it from my card without my signature?

China Southern Airlines has reached a mail-order agreement with the bank. If necessary, China Southern Airlines will provide the bank with corresponding booking records or order information, and the bank will perform direct debit. Debit statement regareding the no-show reservation has been clearly indicated or informed in booking through the China Southern Airlines website or phone.

23. If I have guaranteed my reservation, and I cannot check in as scheduled due to flight, weather and other force majeure, will my room rate still be charged?

If these special circumstances occur, please contact us in a prompt way by dialing the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539. China Southern Airlines will contact the hotel to deal with it. Please make sure that you have kept relevant evidence.

24. What should I do if I have special requirements (e.g. smoking/non-smoking floor and extra bed etc.)?

You can submit your special requirements through the special requirements column on the booking page. We will negotiate with the hotel about your requirements. Please note that we can only try our best to make arrangements for you and some requirements may incur additional costs (such as an extra bed).

25. How long should I wait for confirmation after submitting the booking order?

We will contact the hotel as soon as we receive your online order. Generally, we will confirm it for you within 24 hours. The notification of booking confirmation will be sent to you by email or SMS in accordance with the way you choose when booking.

26. What should I do if I cannot receive the confirmation message in a timely way?

Normal confirmation time is within 24 hours. If you don't receive the confirmation message after 24 hours, please contact us by dialing the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539.

27. When is the last time a successful booking for the hotel room will be kept without payment?

If the hotel you choose needs to be paid at the hotel reception, China Southern Airlines will inform you of the last check-in time after confirmation, and you are supposed to check in at the hotel reception in the name of the guest you submitted in the reservation form as well as your relevant certificates (if you cannot check in as scheduled due to the inconsistency of actual check-in guest and check-in guest on the booking order, China Southern Airlines will not take any responsibility for it). If you don't check in by the last check-in time, the hotel will not hold the room for you.

28. How to issue the invoice?

For the booking order paid for at hotel reception, a relevant invoice will be issued by the hotel.

29. If I provide credit card guarantees for my reservation and get confirmed, can I cancel it?

During busy seasons, holidays, large-scaled exhibitions or occasions that you arrive at the hotel late, some hotels require credit card as the guarantee. After guarantee, you can cancel the reservation within the required number of valid working days; otherwise, it cannot be cancelled. If you cannot check in as scheduled, the relevant room rate will be charged from your credit card.

30. How should I change or cancel my reservation?

For reservation change or cancellation, you may contact us by dialing the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539.

31. What should I do if I want to recover the previous cancelled booking order?

The cancelled order cannot be recovered. You can resubmit the reservation and the room rate displayed online when booking will be the one applied.

32. What is the last time for change or cancellation?

The last time for change or cancellation is specified in prepaid order and guaranteed order. Your room rate will not be levied if you change or cancel the reservation within the time limit; China Southern Airlines will charge relevant room rate if you change or cancel it beyond the time limit.

33. What is the refund process like if I need refund after payment?

Money will be refunded through the bank to the provided credit card of guests using online payment; cashes will be refunded to guests paying room rate in cash. If the refund is caused by reasons related to the guest, refund fees will be borne by the cardholder. As the refund operation involves a relevant process, it will take about 15 ~ 20 working days to refund the money to your credit card. Please wait patiently.

34. Can I apply for extra room or an extended stay after booking the hotel through China Southern Airlines?

Yes. You can contact us by dialing the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539. If you already stay in the hotel, please call us for an extended stay. If you apply for extended stay directly at the hotel reception, China Southern Airlines will not be responsible for a rise in room rates.

35. How can I check in after successful reservation?

Upon arrival, you only need to show your valid passport or ID at the hotel reception and you can check in. Of course you should make sure that name on your ID should be consistent with the name you put on the booking order. Usually the hotel will ask you to pay a deposit to guarantee the payment for your stay.

36. Can I check in or check out earlier than my reservation?

The check-in time of the hotel is usually two o'clock in the afternoon, and the check-out time is twelve o'clock at noon. If your check-in time is not on schedule but before the set time, the hotel may charge extra room rate. If you want to check out in advance after checking into a hotel: as for the hotels with cash payment at the reception desk, the room rate is charged according to the actual situation; as for the hotels with online payment, prepaid rate is not refunded. If the check-out time must be prior to the set check-out time due to special situations, you should contact us as soon as possible and provide written confirmation issued by the hotel, and we will negotiate with the hotel and strive for the refunded room rate for you.

37. What if I arrive later than the estimated time? Will the room be kept for me?

Without specified annotation, generally the hotel will keep the room unti l 18:00 pm of the check-in date (part hotels have specified latest check-in time), and the room will not be available beyond this time limit. If changes occur to your check-in time, please call us or the hotel informing relevant changes; otherwise, the hotel may cancel your reservation.

38. How to handle it when I am informed by the hotel that the reservation has been cancelled upon arrival?

Generally the hotel will hold the room for the guest till the last time, and your reservation may be cancelled if you arrive beyond the time limit. In this case, you may call the China Southern Airlines hotel reservation department before the last check-in time, and China Southern Airlines will contact the hotel trying to extend the reservation time.

39. What if I cannot find my reservation at the hotel reception?

If you book the room through China Southern Airlines and get confirmed, the booking order with your information is supposed to be found at the hotel reception and you need to check in with the name left on the reservation. If you still can not find your reservation, please contact us by dialing the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539, and we will reconfirm with the hotel and find a satisfactory solution for you.

40. What does a "NO SHOW" mean?

In case you book a hotel through China Southern Airlines but you don't check in, this is called a "NO SHOW". If the name of the actual check-in guest differs from the name left on the reservation, it may also be regarded as NO SHOW.

41. How to avoid NO SHOW?

When travel plans have changed and you need to cancel or change the reservation, please inform China Southern Airlines in advance to avoid NO SHOW.

42. How can I view my hotel booking records?

If you are a Sky Pearl member, click "Order Management" at the upper right of the China Southern Airlines website after successful login and then click the link of hotel orders to view your booking records. If you are not a Sky Pearl member yet, please dial the service hotline of China Southern Airlines at 40066-95539 and provide the information you left in the booking form to view the relevant records.

43. Shall "Beijing Time" or "Local Time" prevail in hotel reservation if I book an overseas hotel?

The local time of the city where the hotel booked is located shall prevail (including check-in and check-out dates).

44. How to pay for the international hotel rates?

At present the payment term of international hotels is cash payment at the reception desk. After successful reserving a room in the international hotels through the China Southern Airlines' portal website or calling website service hotline 4006695539, you can check into the hotel on schedule and square up room rate and relevant fees when checking out.

45. Are there any time limits when booking an international hotel?

Since there is a time difference between payment and international confirmation, we suggest that you book the hotel at least three working days in advance.

46. What to do if I have special requirements for the room when booking overseas hotels?

Special requirements of the overseas hotel refer to "Rooms for the disabled" and "Pick-up service" etc. We will submit your requirements to the hotel but we cannot guarantee your requirements be met; if met, relevant fees may be charged. Please note: when booking overseas hotels, your requirements of "Bed size" and "Smoking/non-smoking" are not regarded as special requirements, and the hotel will try to arrange for you according to the room availabilities upon your arrival, which will not produce any additional fees.

47. Why do quad room and double room in American hotels differ in room rate but same in room type?

Generally the room with two double beds provided in American hotels can accommodate a maximum of four people, meanwhile, this can be provided to guests as a triple room or a double room. Since the room rate is charged based on the number of actual check-in guests, it may occur that quad room and double room are charged differently although they are the same room type.

48. Why are the rooms in part European hotels smaller and equipped with simpler facilities?

There are different standards for hardware supporting facilities between European hotels and domestic hotels. Usually in European hotels, the lobby and elevator room are less spacious and washing facilities are relatively simpler compared with domestic hotels of the same level. On the whole, the configuration of two and three star hotels in Europe is inferior to that of domestic hotels of the same level, especially traditional or family-style hotels.

49. How to cancel or change my international hotel reservation?

Once a room of the international hotels is booked successfully, the room is confirmed immediately. The confirmed room can not be changed; if you need to cancel it, you should raise it within the time limit of free cancellation.

If you cancel an order within the time limit of free cancellation, no fee will be charged, or relevant compensation will be charged. As for specific time limit of free cancellation, please read the reservation rules during reservation.

If you need to cancel an order, please log into the China Southern Airlines' portal website– My Bookings -Hotel, find out the corresponding order and click on the button of "Cancel Order", or call the website service hotline 40066-95539 to notify us to cancel the order.

50. Why does the hotel still charge me after I have already paid China Southern Airlines for the room charge?

In general, a hotel will require a guest to provide his/her credit card or some cash as a guarantee when he/she checks in so as to guarantee the payment of other miscellaneous expenses.

51. What to do if the hotel doesn't have my booking record?

After the reservation confirmation, we will send the reservation confirmation form to you by e-mail or short messages, and you can type out the confirmation form or keep the short message in order that the hotel can find out your bookings. If the hotel still can not find out your bookings, please contact our website service hotline 40066-95539.

52. Can China Southern Airlines issue an invoice for my international hotel reservation?

As for the hotel order paid in cash at the reception desk, the invoice will be issued by the hotel.

53. How should I handle it if I need to check in late?

You are required to inform us of your check-in time in advance so that we can contact the hotel to keep the room for you. If you arrive after 24:00, please inform us of your flight information and arrival time so that we can negotiate with the hotel to keep the room for you. Without your notification, the hotel may regard your reservation as "NO-SHOW" (without showing as scheduled) and cancel your reservation, which may result in no available room for you upon your arrival.

54. What to do if I want to check out in advance?

Generally, the room rate will not be refunded to you if you check out in advance. If there are special circumstances, you need to get the consent of the hotel principal and written proof of no extra charge.

55. What to do if I want to stay several days more?

Whether you can extend your stay is based on the conditions of the hotel rooms and the charges for extended stay are paid directly at the hotel reception.