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What is E-ticket?

E-ticket refers to an electronic passenger ticket, a form of tickets sold by a carrier or its agent, which is a valued voucher for ticket sales, passenger transportation as well as related services in a form of electronic data rather than paper form.

Can I book E-tickets for children?

Children over two years old being accompanied by at least one adult (over 18 years old) during travel can book E-tickets.

Can I book E-tickets online for children traveling without an adult and apply for relevant arrangements for them?

No. Please dial service hotline of direct sales on China Southern Airlines website: 4006695539 (Mainland); 8620-22395539 (International) (service provided 7×24 hours), or China Southern Airlines sales service hotline: 95539 (Mainland); +86-20-86682000 (International) to consult related booking procedures.

Can I book tickets of all flights online?

For the moment not all the flights are available for online booking. China Southern Airlines has realized online booking for most domestic flights so far. For detailed information, please refer to the scope of online booking services.

Why can I just book 9 tickets online at most every time?

At present, airlines providing online booking service worldwide prescribe a limit to the number of each booking, which not only facilitates the control over seats, but also reduces users' risk in the booking process. What's more, the booking service provided by China Southern Airlines online ticket system is only available for individual passengers, and group booking service cannot be achieved at present stage.

What is "Group Passengers"?

"Group Passengers" refers to a group of passengers with number above ten (inclusive) (or the minimum number of group provided by specific products of China Southern Airlines), same voyage, flight date, flight number and cabin class, paying for fares at the same price of group passenger. So far, group booking service is not available on China Southern Airlines website.

Can I apply for seat reservation online if I have already had a ticket?

Sorry. At present seat booking service is limited to passengers buying China Southern Airlines E-tickets. For more information about online seat booking, please refer to "China Southern Airlines Online Seat Booking Agreement" and "User's Guide in China Southern Airlines Seating Booking" in "Service Agreement".

Can I inquire about booking information if I have bought tickets from a travel agency?

At the moment, booking information can be obtained online only with the ticket booked via online booking service. If you need any help, please contact your travel agency or our booking office.

Will I receive a confirmation message after online booking?

Yes. You will see a confirmation page when you complete an online booking successfully, and China Southern Airlines will send a confirmation message to you via SMS. However, due to the impact of various factors such as information service providers, you may not receive confirmation message in time. If you don’t receive the message for a long time after booking, please dial 4006695539 to consult, and you can also log in email or China Southern Airlines portal to confirm your booking.

What are infant tickets?

Infant tickets are designed for infants under two years old without occupying their own seats. Each infant must be accompanied by at least one adult passenger. To ensure passengers’ safety, infants born less than 14 days are not allowed to take a flight.

Can I reserve seats online for infants under two years old?

If you need book seats for infants under two, you may buy them children tickets.

How to buy infant ticket?

Now infant tickets are available on China Southern Airlines portal. You can book infant tickets for infants between 14 days and two years old. But infant tickets should be bound to adult tickets, one adult to one infant, rather than sold alone. And you may buy children tickets for additional infants.

If you need buy an infant ticket alone when you already have adult tickets, please buy it at the ticket offices directly under China Southern Airlines. If you buy adult tickets together with infant tickets, you can also buy from ticket offices directly under China Southern Airlines or their agents.

Do I need to register before using the online booking service?

Now China Southern Airlines website has been available for nonmembers to buy tickets.

If I am a member of Sky Pearl, do I need to register before online booking?

If you are a member of China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl, you can login with your membership number and personal password, no need to register.

How to obtain a ticket after online booking?

After your confirmation of E-ticket purchase, you can take the corresponding flight with required valid identification.

Can I obtain your latest offers via automatic email after registering as a member enjoying your booking service?

Sorry, this service is not provided for the moment. You can subscribe for RSS service provided on our website to get the latest favorable information.

Can I book tickets of all flights online?

Sorry, for the moment online ticketing is not available for all China Southern Airlines flights. We have achieved online ticketing of most China Southern Airlines domestic flights so far. For details, please refer to the scope of online booking service. Although online booking cannot be achieved in some international flights, we are further expanding our service scope to meet the general requirements of our clients.

How to inquire the fare on China Southern Airlines website?

You can get our fare through the following ways:

Online booking (even if you are not ready to buy our ticket now, you can easily get our fare)

You can subscribe or inquire about hot picks of domestic tickets with special offer through the RSS information module at the left of China Southern Airlines’s homepage.

Does China Southern Airlines provide any special offer on website?

We often provide limited preferential fares only available on website. Only through our online booking service for tickets purchase can you enjoy these special offers.

Why is the fare you provide different from that of a travel agency?

The fare is restricted by the supply of flight seats and prices. Thus, the fare provided by your travel agency may differ from ours.

Can I inquire the fare or book a ticket via email?

Sorry, it cannot work for the moment. But you can use our “Online Booking” service to plan your journey easily.

Can I book multi-city, open-jaw or open-date tickets on

Now you can only book one-way, round-trip and multi-city tickets through; open-jaw tickets and open-date tickets are not allowed to set. For booking of these types of tickets, please dial China Southern Airlines Five-star Diamond sales service hotline: 95539 (Mainland); +86-20-86682000 (International).

How can I view the fare rules and restrictions?

During inquiring and ticket booking, you are invited to view fare rules and restrictions. It is of great importance to read and understand the conditions related to fare you choose. Before buying, make sure that you have already read the following entries:

Allow to change the name or not

Allow to refund or not

Fare rules about childen ticket and infant ticket


Rules of miles redemption


How should I know if I have bought an ticket?

Once you input your E-bank/credit card information and agree to the conditions, you will receive a confirmation message. Meanwhile, you will receive a message notification from China Southern Airlines if you have bought ticket.

How should I use the E-ticket when boarding?

Passenger with E-ticket only needs to show the required valid identification when boarding, and needn’t show paper ticket.

Can I buy an E-ticket for other people?

You can book an E-ticket for other people, but the China Southern Airlines website limits number for reservation with the maximum of 9.

Will China Southern Airlines offer online charter services?

Sorry. Charter services are not available on China Southern Airlines website for the moment.

Is the fare in Harbin cable television consistent with that on China Southern Airlines website?

Harbin cable television sells the B2C E-ticket of China Southern Airlines; most of the fares are consistent with those on China Southern Airlines website.

How should I get the itinerary/receipt after booking via Harbin cable television?

You can ask for it at the e-commerce counter of China Southern Airlines in departure airport. If you cannot get the itinerary/receipt at the airport in special circumstances, please call (8620) 95539 – 4 to apply for sending by post within a month, then the flight and the itinerary/receipt will be sent to passenger by registered letter. Late application will not be accepted. China Southern Airlines kindly reminds you that the itinerary/receipt can only be asked for once.

How should I know if the reservation is successful after booking via Harbin cable television?

You can login the China Southern Airlines website and use the passenger name, order No. and ticket No. to inquire the order information and status; meanwhile, you can inquire through the order management module on home page.

What is itinerary/receipt and points for attention during using?

Itinerary/Receipt is the payment voucher or reimbursement voucher given to passengers with E-tickets, which has the function of prompting the journey. The itinerary/receipt shall be issued based on the principle of "One person, one ticket", which shall not be used as a necessary voucher for boarding and security inspection at the airport. If passenger cancels the ticket or other changes leading to the discrepancy of fare, in case it has been printed, the original should be withdrawn so as to transact related procedure for passenger. Itinerary/Receipt cannot be reprinted and re-applied in case of loss. There are three ways to verify the Itinerary/Receipt: China Southern Airlines link (offer the verification of E-ticket sold by China Southern Airlines website);; or dial the service hotline 400-815-888 and you could send SMS with JP to 10669018 to verify the E-ticket (SMS charges).

Where can I buy the Premium Economy ticket?

Welcome to choose Premium Economy ticket, you can book it in the following ways: official website of China Southern Airlines; China Southern Airlines website service hotline for direct selling: 4006695539; China Southern Airlines service hotline for sales: 95539; ticket office and agent etc. directly under China Southern Airlines.

What are the differences between Premium Economy ticket and other tickets in checking in baggage and procedure of undergoing boarding check?

In case you buy the Premium Economy ticket, you can enjoy the prior checking in baggage and special check-in counter so as to offer convenience to your checking in baggage and check-in, meanwhile, you may enjoy the rights of pre-boarding.

Are there any features of Premium Economy?

Compared with Economy-Class, you can enjoy more capacious space with 35-inch seat spacing; meanwhile, it can offer you more value-added ground service and cabin service than general Economy-Class.

What kind of special services does Premium Economy offer?

In ground service, we offer you the special check-in counter and prior checking in baggage; in case of the abnormal flight, you could enjoy the standard service of gold and silver card members of Sky Pearl Club, meanwhile, you could enjoy the rights of pre-boarding and pre-upgrading (part of the airports cannot offer the prior service yet ). In cabin service, we offer you the “four-one” services: giving you a bottle of water before flight, offering you a blanket during the flight, ensuring every passenger with one newspaper and adding bread and dessert to your food.

I have bought the Premium Economy, and how to calculate my miles accumulation?

We accumulate your miles by 110% of every flight segment.

Is there any special offers if Premium Economy is bought for a child/infant ?

For a child, 50% of the adult published fare, or the same fare as the adult; for an infant, 10% of the adult published fare.

In case of the abnormal flight, is there special handling during buying the Premium Economy?

In case the abnormal flight occurs and ticket endorsement is needed, Premium Economy passenger could transfer to other airlines’ flight directly; in case of the abnormal flight,Premium Economy passenger could enjoy the equivalent treatment (limited to food and accommodation standards) of gold and silver member of Sky Pearl Club; in case of flight merged, Premium Economy passenger could enjoy the priority of upgrade.

How to calculate fare for infant ticket?

For infant without occupying the seat, the fare will be calculated as 10% of adult. If the infant need a seat, passenger should buy and pay for the child ticket.

How can I get the itinerary for ticket?

You can receive your itinerary for ticket in one of the following alternative ways (only applicable for booking a ticket via the China Southern Airlines' portal):

Get your itinerary at the China Southern Airlines E-business counter at the airport;

We will send your itinerary by mail according to your address registered on online customer service of China Southern Airlines' portal (only domestic tickets are supported presently). Surface mail is free of charge but express delivery fees shall be at passengers’ cost.