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What is the difference between new miles validity rule and the old one?

According to the previous validity rule, the miles are valid for two calendar years. If you fail to reach 20,000km for two calendar years, your miles in the first year should be reduced by half. By contrast, the new program gives a new longer validity of 36 months and an easier calculating method.

How can I get informed of the new miles validity rule?

You can refer to the updated Membership Guide,, Member Express or the CZ ICON magazine, etc. or, call the sales service hotline of CZ for detailed information.

How to calculate the miles validity of 36 months?

Whatever the miles earned from taking the flights or from the consumption of partners, the miles validity will be calculated by 36 months from the month in which the miles earnings occurred. (For example, miles credited on April 1, 2010 shall be valid through April 30, 2013). The award miles with appointed validly is excluded.

The new miles validity rule comes into effect on March 31, 2010, how to calculate the validity of the miles credited before this date?

The miles credited into account on or before March 31, 2010 is now valid through March 31, 2013 and the due miles which isn't used shall be automatically eliminated.

How can I check the expiry date of my earned miles?

After the new miles validity application, you could log in your Sky Pearl miles account online at or call the sales service hotline of CZ 95539 to inquire. In addition, Sky Pearl Club will deliver a notice on upcoming expiry miles when sending you miles statement etc., so that you can make your miles use plan.

What is the rule based on when deducting the miles for the redemption?

It will firstly deduct the miles which is of the nearest expiry date. For example, there are Miles A and Miles B on the account. Miles A is valid until March 31 2013, while Miles B is valid until December 31 2013. Therefore, Miles A will be deducted first and Miles B after.

What kind of miles will be applied the designated validity?

The award miles getting from some promotions will be applied designated validity period, for details please refer to the published terms and conditions of the promotion.

In the cases of miles refund, how to calculate the miles validity?

According to the new rules regarding miles validity, if members apply for a refund of miles:

Voluntary Refund: the validity of refunded miles shall be the same with original validity of miles for redemption and only valid miles can be refunded. Procedure fee of refund is first deducted from the miles which is of the nearest expiry date.

Involuntary Refunds (for example in the case of flight cancellation): the miles refund will be valid for 36 months from the day of refund.