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Assignee Rules

What is an award ticket redemption assignee?

The award ticket redemption assignee refers to the persons appointed by the Sky Pearl members who can enjoy award tickets or award upgrades redeemed by the members' miles.

Can award tickets be transferred to other persons not in the assignee list after the assignees have been appointed?

After the assignees have been appointed, you can only transfer the award tickets to the appointed assignees since December 24th 2010.

Can I transfer award tickets to others if I haven not appointed any assignee?

If you have not appointed any assignee, you can only redeem award tickets for yourself; if you need to transfer them to others, you should first establish your award ticket assignee list.

Is it required to appoint assignees before redemption of award tickets for others via the website or calling 95539?

Since December 24th 2010, assignees shall be appointed when you redeem award tickets for others via the website or calling 95539.

How to establish the award ticket assignee list?

You can log into the Personal Account of the Sky Pearl website to establish the assignee list. The specific steps are stated as follows:

(1) Enter your Sky Pearl No. and password to log into the Sky Pearl Club website (

(2) Select successively "Miles Management" – "Redeem Miles" - "Manage Assignee" in the "Sky Pearl" module.

(3) Add assignee information according to the page guidance.

Does identity authentication have to be transacted at ticketing office appointed by China Southern Airlines before the assignee list is established? And how is the identity authentication to be transacted?

In order to ensure your account safety, you must transact identity authentication business at the ticketing office appointed by China Southern Airlines before the redemption assignee list is established. If you have already transacted the identity authentication before, you can directly log into the Sky Pearl website or call the China Southern Airlines' service hotline at 95539 to establish the assignee list; if you have not transacted the identity authentication, you must go for the appointed ticketing offices to transact the identity authentication first.

The specific requirements for identity authentication transaction are stated as follows:

If it is transacted by the member himself/herself, he/she must take along effective original ID, the copy and the Sky Pearl card or Sky Pearl No., and provide his/her domestic mobile phone number (Mobile, Unicom or Telecom phones are all allowed) or e-mail as safe contact information of receiving the password.

If other people are entrusted, in addition to the above certificates, the commission agent's original ID and copy must also be provided.

Each member can add 8 assignees at most, may I not add the full quota for the first time?

Yes. You can add 8 or less than 8 assignees according to your own needs.

Can I modify the established award ticket assignee list? If so, will the corresponding miles be deducted?

Yes. You can modify your assignee list (including the deletion and addition of assignees) according to your own needs. The deletion or addition of assignees will not cause the miles deduction.

I do not add the assignees before December 24th, and add the assignees after December 24th for the first time. Can I transfer immediately the award tickets to the first added assignees?

The first added assignees after December 24th (the day included) come into effect immediately. You can transfer award tickets to them upon the completion of the first addition.

I added assignees before December 24th 2010, and newly add assignees after December 24th 2010. Do the newly added assignees come into effect after 30 days or immediately?

Since December 24th 2010, the newly added assignees come into effect after 30 days (the day included), so you only can transfer your award tickets to them after 30 days.

When do the assignees come into effect added before December 24th?

The assignees added before December 24th (no matter whether they are added for the first time or not) come into effect on the December 24th, and you can redeem award tickets after December 24th.

Can children and infants be appointed as award ticket assignees? If so, is their redemption standard consistent with that of adults?

Children and infants can be appointed as award ticket assignees, and the redemption standard and other rules are consistent with those of adults. However, if the award tickets redeemed for children involve unaccompanied minor assistance, it needs to be applied and dealt with in accordance with the flow regulated by the airlines, and the service fee is borne by the passenger himself/herself.