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Redeem Miles

What kind of award can I redeem with Sky Pearl Club miles?

You could use the miles to redeem the award ticket and upgrade on the flights of China Southern Airlines, SkyTeam partners such as Air France, KLM, Delta, Northwest and Korean Air, and other partners of Sichuan Airlines and Taiwan China Airlines.

In addition, you could redeem non-air awards such as ICON magazine at Sky Pearl Club website.

More non-air awards will be available for redemption soon, please pay close attention.

What standards shall be reached for initial redemption?

As of October 26, 2014, there will be no redemption threshold for Sky Pearl Membership, all members shall be entitled for redemption as soon as standards are reached (unless otherwise specified for certain redemption products) .

How could I inquire how much miles are needed for redemption of award ticket or award upgrade?

Log in to inquire miles needed for redemption of Sky Pearl award ticket or award upgrade through ">Calculate Miles" in "Fast Search" bar.

If you would like to inquire miles needed for redemption of other SkyTeam Airline Partners flights, please refer to "Redeem Miles" bar on

How to redeem award ticket with miles?

1. Call the sales service hotline of China Southern Airlines (Mainland 95539, International +86-20-86682000), our customer service representative will book the award flight and deduct the miles according to your redemption requirement, and you will obtain the transaction No. and seat No.. The ticket will be issued at the designated ticketing counters upon the transaction No., seat No. and ID card or passport.

2. You can also directly log in the "Sky Pearl Club" on CZ official website.

For details, please refer to "Redeem Miles" bar on

What documents are required for getting award ticket and award upgrade at Ticket Office?

As of October 26, 2014, members who are issuing reward tickets or processing cabin upgrade awards in the ticketing office are requested to present the original plus copy of ID card of the person who is collecting the tickets or making the upgrades

How long can award ticket be reserved before ticket issuance?

For China Southern Airlines flights, seat can be reserved until two hours before takeoff after deducting miles. But during peak period, such as Spring Festival, May Day, National Day and Canton Fair, ticket issuance shall be done as soon as possible.

Are the same miles required for redeeming award ticket for children and adults?

Standards of redeeming award ticket for children and infants are the same to that of adults.

If there are no seats for award ticket, what should I do?

As the seats for award ticket are limited in each flight, please plan your journey as soon as possible and book it in advance.

How could I know my award ticket is successfully booked?

Call the sales service hotline (Mainland: 95539 and International: +86-20-86682000) to inquire it.

Can I redeem award ticket for my friends with my miles?

Yes, you can. But you have add to your friends to your redemption assignee list of award ticket. Each member can add 8 assignees at most.

If I haven't got enough miles to redeem award ticket, can I pay for extra miles?

Sorry, cash isn't available for purchase of miles now.

Do I need to pay when I redeem award ticket?

Taxes and dues related to award ticket and award upgrade, such as airport construction fee, bunker adjustment factor and so on, should be borne by passengers themselves.

How long is award ticket valid?

Award tickets are valid for one year from the date of travel. Unused award tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.

If award ticket is redeemed with miles, but it isn't available, what shall I do?

Ticket change: during the valid period of passenger ticket, award ticket can be freely changed once under the promise of having space of the same class, but it can't be transferred.

Ticket refund: Members who are demanding refund shall file their requests within 13 months after the date of the start of the trip (in case the first flight of the ticket is not used, the starting date shall be the issuing date), otherwise, China Southern Airlines shall have the right to refuse such refunds. Refund In the voluntary cases: to deduct 50% mileage of unused segments for the refund fee. Only valid mileage can be refund when applying the mileage refund rule Mileage is refunded in accordance with the month that the mileage used for the award was originally posted.

If award tickets are lost, what to do?

Sorry, lost award tickets will not be replaced nor refunded.

What kind of fares are available for award upgrade with miles?

Paid tickets and redeemed ticket awards shall be subject to redemption of upgrade award, and please refer to the China Southern Airlines Award Upgrade Chart for detailed applicable cabins. No upgrade award is applicable for such tickets, like, group tickets, redeemed tickets and awarded tickets, tourism or special discount tickets or free tickets, special or charter flights.

If I hold the ticket redeemed by mileages and the ticket upgraded by mileage, can I further use the mileage to redeem the award upgrade?

As of October 26, 2014, successive upgrades shall be allowed, which means the tickets with mileage upgrade can be further upgraded by redemption.

After launch of new miles validity rules, what's the difference about the calculation of validity?

For miles validity, please refer to

Can I redeem award ticket online?

Yes, you can log in to redeem award ticket.

How can I redeem award tickets for others online?

To redeem award tickets online for others, members are required to go to one of China Southern Airlines' designated ticketing counters for opening an online transfer and redemption permission first. If the member does it by him/herself, he/she shall bring the original and copy of his/her valid ID and Sky Pearl Club membership card, and present a valid mobile phone number in China for receiving the password; If the member authorizes another person to do it, besides above, the original and copy of the designated person's valid ID shall be presented as well.