Liability & Insurance

What is the liability for compensation of checked baggage?

The checked baggage delayed, damaged and lost due to the fault of the passenger will not be compensated by China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines is only liable for the delay, damage and loss due to the fault of its carrier and make the compensation according to China Southern Airlines regulation.

What items will not be compensated?

1. Any delay, loss, or damage happens during the period from the consignment to delivery, China Southern Airlines should take the liability.

2. In the case that all the necessary measures have already been taken or it is not possible to take any measures to avoid the delay or loss, China Southern Airlines does not take the liability.

3. In the case that the losses of checked baggage are totally caused by its natural property, quality or defects, China Southern Airlines does not take the compensation liability.

4. If the harm or damage is caused by the items inside the baggage, China Southern Airlines will not take the liability. If the items inside the baggage cause harm to other passengers or damage other passengers' items or China Southern Airlines' property, the passenger should compensate for all the losses of China Southern Airlines and pay for all the costs.

5. If the items that are not regarded as checked baggage according to China Southern Airline's regulations but are carried secretly by passengers are lost or damaged, China Southern Airlines only take the compensation liability of general checked baggage.

6. During the connecting transportation, China Southern Airlines only compensates for the baggage losses or damages that occur on its own routes.

How to make a claim, if needed?

For any loss or damage of checked baggage, if the compensation is demanded, the claimant should raise an objection in written form to China Southern Airlines after the losses are detected. If the checked baggage is lost or delayed, the objection should be raised after seven days and within twenty-one days at the latest upon the receipt of the baggage; the damaged or stained baggage owner must apply for transportation accident declaration records to the carriers (or its agents) before the baggage leaves the Baggage Claim, and make a claim within seven days when the declaration is applied for; if any delay of checked baggage occurs, the objection shall be raised within twenty-one days at the latest when the checked baggage is received by passengers.

Will the overweight baggage charge be refunded if the flight is changed or cancelled?

Yes. If the flight is changed or cancelled because of China Southern Airlines and the passenger is arranged to take another flight with corresponding changes to the baggage. The overweight charge of baggage will be refunded for any overpayment but not be supplemented for any deficiency.

What should I do if the baggage is important but not so valuable?

The checked baggage with the value over RMB 50 Yuan per KG may be declared. The declared value of checked baggage can not surpass the actual value of baggage. The maximum value declared by each passenger is RMB 8,000 Yuan.