Free Baggage Allowance

What is the "Checked baggage"?

The "Checked baggage" is the baggage handed over to the carrier by the passenger,for care and transportation before the issuance of a baggage ticket.

What is the "carry-on baggage"?

"Carry-on baggage" refers to the baggage that is weighed and counted by weight or piece by the carriers and taken charge of by passengers themselves with the approval of the carriers during their travel period (the stay time in the stops included).

What are the restrictions on free baggage allowance?

Domestic flights :

Passengers(adults or children)are entitled to the free baggage allowance as follows: 40 kg for first class, 30 kg for business class and 20 kg for premium economy and economy class. For infant, the baggage allowance is 10 kg.

International/regional Flights:

Table of free baggage allowance for international/regional routes

Note 1: Russia Routes refer to the air lines between China and Russia (including part of Europe and Asia).

Note 2: Central and West Asia routes refer to the air lines between China and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan as well as Georgia.

For more information see our Free Baggage Allowance page.

Is the same baggage allowance system applied for both domestic routes and international routes?

No. For more information see our Free Baggage Allowance page.

What are the preferential policies on Checked baggage for members of Sky Pearl Club?

When the gold card and silver card members of the "Sky Pearl Club" take the China Southern Airlines' flight in which the baggage piecework system is adopted, they can enjoy a free extra checked baggage, no matter what classes they take.

The gold card member or silver card member of China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club taking the flight to Europe is provided with baggage allowance of an additional piece of baggage despite of class.

Why is the overweight baggage charged?

The charging of overweight baggage is aimed to guarantee your baggage safety and the rights of other passengers. Meanwhile, this is the support to our work. Please dial China Southern Airlines selling service hotline 95539 if you have further problems.

Is a baggage allowance provided to children?

Yes. The baggage allowance for children is the same as adult.

Is the baggage allowance provided to infants?

Yes. An infant with an infant ticket is entitled to a baggage allowance of 10KG.

Is the baggage allowance provided to stretcher passengers?

Yes, the baggage allowance for stretcher passengers is 180KG. The conditions and processes of buying a ticket for a stretcher passenger are special. Therefore, the baggage allowance is special.

Is the restriction on baggage the same in different airlines?

No. You can refer to the regulations of the airlines for details.

Is the restriction on baggage the same in codeshare airlines?

Codeshare flights mean that an airline or multiple airlines use their respective codes for other airlines' flights as provided in their agreement. If you take CZ's codeshare flight, you will be subject to rules of the actual carrier on aspects such as free baggage allowance, fee scale for excess baggage. For more detailed information, please visit the website of the actual carrier.

I booked a "First Class" ticket. However, the ticket has become Business-Class for some reason. Does the baggage allowance change under such a situation?

If you book a first class ticket and the cabin is changed involuntarily, the baggage allowance will remain as that for first class ticket.

Can I take lithium batterys in the Checked baggage? If yes, how many can I take?

It is forbidden to put spare battery in the checked baggage. Please put it in the carry-on baggage when boarding. If the specification of lithium battery in the equipment or spare lithium battery is greater than 100Wh while less than 160Wh, it should be declared to the airline and approved by it before boarding. Additionally, the number of spare batteries in this specification is limited to two. For more information see our Tips for Safety Transportation of Lithium Battery.