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Who can use the SkyTeam Alliance lounge?

Generally speaking, passengers who take international flights of the SkyTeam Alliance, and are Gold Card members of China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club or SKYTEAM ELITE PLUS, or have tickets of First Class or Business Class of SkyTeam Alliance international flights can use the lounge of SkyTeam Alliance. Specific condition is subject to site arrangement.

What is SkyTeam Alliance?

SkyTeam Alliance is an international air service network provided by the integration of airlines. It was founded by Air France, Delta Air Lines, Mexicana Airlines and Korean Air on June 22, 2000. In September 2004, it merged with “Wings Alliance”, and Klm Royal Dutch Airlines, American Northwest Airlines, and American Continental Airline also became its members. And China Southern Airlines officially joined in SkyTeam on November 15, 2007.

Does China Southern Airlines have a VIP lounge?

China Southern Airlines has set VIP lounges at various major large and medium-sized airports. Dial service hotline for sales of China Southern Airlines 95539 or call local airport for more information.

Can I use the VIP lounge?

If you hold First Class tickets or Business Class tickets, or you are a Gold Card or Silver Card member of Sky Pearl Club, you may enjoy China Southern Airlines VIP lounge at the airports where China Southern Airlines have signed the using agreement for VIP lounges.

Can I invite my travel partner to share the VIP lounge?

If you are one of gold card members of the Sky Pearl Club, when you take or connect the immediately alliance international flight, you can invite one passenger who takes SkyTeam Alliance flight on the same day to enter together.