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What are the boarding procedures?

Domestic boarding:

1. Arrive at the airport. You must pay attention to the time. The boarding procedures will be stopped from 30 minutes before the takeoff of the plane. And the boarding procedures of some flights will stop even from 45 minutes or one hour ahead of the takeoff, so you'd better arrive at the airport two hours in advance.

2. Undergo the boarding procedures (that is to get your boarding pass). You may conduct online check-in in advance, or go to the airport and do self-service check-in or head for the counter for going through boarding procedures with our clerks. If there is baggage to be registered, you also need to check it.

3. Pass security checking. There is a security checking counter at the entrance to waiting hall. Please submit your boarding pass and ID card to the inspector and the inspector will seal on your boarding pass after inspection if there is no problem. Then put all your belongings on the X-ray security checking equipment, and you must pass the security checking gate. Then you get into the waiting hall after you pass all the security inspection.

4. Wait for boarding. Look at your boarding pass and figure out the right waiting hall corresponding to the boarding gate marked on your boarding pass. Each position of waiting hall will be indicated on the display screen.

5. Start boarding. When hearing boarding notice from the broadcast, there will be service clerks check boarding passs at the boarding gate. And get there and hand your boarding pass to them before they tear off a small part and return you. Then you board with your checked boarding pass.

6. Find your seat onboard. The position of your seat is marked on your boarding pass, such as 5D, 11C, the figures stand for row, and the seats of each row are arranged in the order of A, B, C, D, E, F, and the seat No. is marked on the bulkhead (above the seats). Please find your seat and sit down, buckle up the safety belt, and turn off your cell phone before takeoff.

7. Meal. The airline will distribute free beverage during flying. And will also provide free meal for long route or refreshments for short route during mealtime.

8. Arrive. After the plane arrives at the destination, if you have registered baggage, do not forget to fetch. International boarding

Only the third step of Domestic boarding:has been changed to "Go through exit formalities of joint inspections (frontier inspection, customs inspection and quarantine inspection). Generally speaking, the sequence goes from frontier inspection to customs inspection and quarantine inspection", for other steps, refer

to domestic boarding procedures. In addition, the free baggage amount of China-US airline and China-Canada airline in international flights adopt piece-based for free baggage allowance.

What should I do to board on time?

Please leave enough time for getting to the airport, undergoing boarding procedure and checking in baggage. Pay attention to the airport broadcasting.

Pursuant to the demand of operating on time, the plane will close the cabin door before takeoff. In order to avoid missing of your flight, please get to the boarding gate ahead of boarding time on your boarding pass or prompted by the airport broadcasting.

Must I, my baggage and free carry-on articles pass security inspection?

The passengers, their baggage and carry-on articles mush pass security inspection before boarding.

Is there any compensation for me if I missed my flight due to personal reason?

If passengers fail to arrive at flight registration counter or boarding gate on time, or to show their valid ID card and transport documents, or to prepare for travel, in order to avoid the delay of the flight, China Southern Airlines could cancel such passengers' booked seats. And China Southern Airlines shall not bear any responsibility for any loss and cost arisen from the above mentioned reasons.

Which languages are provided at service counter?

Chinese and English.

Can I use koisk if I have baggage to check in?

You can use koisk to print boarding pass. If you have baggage to check in, please undergo the related procedures at a counter for registered baggage.

Do I need an E-ticket if I want to use koisk?

Yes, one of the advantages of E-ticket is to use koisk. All E-tickets bought from travel agencies or other online channels could use koisk.

Do I need to use credit card when using koisk at the airport?

There is no need for credit card. You can undergo the boarding procedure via reading your second generation ID card, inputting flight information or scanning your itinerary/receipt.

Will I be charged when using koisk?

The koisk at the airport is totally free.

Can I take two infants boarding with me?

Yes. But each passenger could only take one infant that is entitled to infant ticket price, the additional infant should buy child ticket, which enjoys a single seat. The infant holding a child ticket obtains the free baggage allowance prescribed by the regulations of the ticket class.

What shall I do when missing my ID card before boarding?

In accordance with the related regulations, you must go to the public security organ in the place where your registered permanent residence locates, and apply to issue a certificate for ID card lost which shall contain your name, age, residential address, valid date, etc., and paste your recent photo without hatting and stamp with the seal of the public security organ. And a certificate for lost report shall be issued by the public security organ in the place where your ID card was issued, and the certificate content shall be same as the above mentioned. Then bring along your household register or working permit , letter of introduction and other valid certificates which can certify your identity, and apply for temporary boarding certificate issued by the civil aviation public security organ (office is available in every airport terminal). If you are traveling in other place and have not taken any of the above mentioned valid certificates, please consult the civil aviation public security organ.