Sick and Disabled

Travel Tips

CSAir offers a range of services for passengers in need of special helps. The column “Special Assistance” on CSAir’s website ( ) has got a number of special services for special passengers to request for, such as wheelchair ramp services, passenger lift wheelchair service, cabin wheelchair service, onboard wheelchair service, checked electric wheelchair service, unescorted blind and mute passenger service and carrying service dogs. Group requests of those disabled eligible for taking flights cannot be done on this website for the time being. For more details, please consult CSAir booking offices or call the Customer Service Center at 4006695539.

I.Notice for Online Application:

1.The following services need booking in advance:

(1)The request for the following services has to be made at least 48 hours in advance:

a.consigning electric wheelchair;

b.Using special narrow-type cabin wheelchair;

c.Taking service dogs into the cabin (except on US-bound routes)  ;

(2)The request for the following services has to be made at least 24 hours in advance:

Taking service dogs along on flights of more than 8 hours (US-bound routes)

2.Electrically-powered wheelchairs shall be checked for transport 2 hours before the cut-off time of check-in of ordinary passengers and the shipment must accord with relevant provisions on carriage of dangerous goods.  

3.Qualified disabled passengers must check in 2 hours before the cut-off time of check-in of ordinary passengers if they need the carrier to provide boarding and deplaning assistance.  

4.Tips on storage of disabled-aid devices
We provide your disabled-aid devices with storage facilities and space on a first-come, first-served basis. If storage facilities and space are not available, the disabled-aid devices will be checked free of charge, with an additional out-of-list piece for the qualified disabled. The storage should conform to relevant provisions on security and air transport of dangerous goods by civil aviation administration.
Carry-on disabled-aid appliances are as followed

Special groups

disabled-aid appliances

Physically disabled


Crutches, collapsible wheelchairs, artificial limbs



Cochlear implants,  hearing aids


Tactile sticks

Multifunctional and  simple visual aids, blind glasses

5.Special passengers are able to carry qualified service dogs without additional fees, which will be brought and transited in passenger cabins or cargo compartments. The passengers are required to produce entry or transit permit of animals by destination countries and certain health certificates when checking in. If the destination countries prohibit the entry of animals, we have the right to decline checking the pets. And we shall not take any responsibility in the case that guide dogs be refused entry because of uncompleted procedures, insufficient certificates or the violation of provisions of the destination countries. Guide dogs in passenger cabins should be muzzled and collared with a leash before boarding. They are required to sit at passengers’ feet, not permitted to take seats or run at their will. During the transit, in case of any hurt, illnesses and deaths occurring to the service dogs, the passengers are to bear the responsibilities.

6.To ensure security, there is a limit on every flight for the following passengers—unescorted disabled passengers requiring emergency assistance services and wheelchairs in emergency evacuation, passengers with seriously deformed legs who do not have artificial limbs, blind passengers and the disabled with service dogs or mentally retarded passengers who cannot understand instructions of the cabin crew. Please submit your applications for approval when booking tickets. You cannot board the plane before getting our confirmation.

7.CSAir has the right to decline your request for transit if you fail to give advance notice in time or there are more disabled passengers than the limit for a safe flight.

8.Passengers should ensure that all the information and credentials submitted are true, effective and complete, or the applicant shall bear full accountability.

9.The application will not be approved if services reserved by passengers exceed the limit.\

10.If passengers fail to comply with provisions above when applying services for the disabled, we have the right to reject the applications.

II. Limit to Passenger Numbers

(1) Each flight has a limit on the number of disabled passengers as they need special assistance and services. Each flight on lines other than US-bound air lines has the following limited number of disabled passengers (excluding passengers using stretches) , such as unescorted disabled passengers requiring assistance services and wheelchairs, passengers with seriously deformed legs who do not have artificial limbs, blind passengers with guide dogs or mentally retarded passengers who cannot understand instructions of the cabin crew.

Number of flight seats
Number limit
Number of flight seats
Number limit
2 101-200
6 Over 400

(2) If the number of disabled passengers exceeds the above limits, accompanying persons shall be added at a ratio of 1:1, but the number of disabled passengers shall not exceed twice the number specified above.

(3) Each flight shall only carry one passenger on a stretcher unless specifically approved otherwise; the passenger on a stretcher shall also be accompanied by at least one medically trained person or family member during the flight.

(4) The number restriction of disabled passengers on CSA’s lines between the US and China is lifted, which means that on these lines there is not any limit on the number of disabled passengers like the blind, the deaf-mute, passengers using stretchers or wheelchairs.

Helpful Tips

1. Booking system for passengers with a hearing impairment

If you have a hearing impairment, please book your flight at our local offices according to the contact information listed in the Domestic Sales Agency section on this website.

2. Pre-booking extra services

In order to provide you with the best service, please contact the China Southern Airlines Ticket Department in advance if you need extra travel assistance. If you are unable to do so, we will do our best to meet your requirements according to actual conditions.

3. At the Airport

Should a flight be delayed or canceled, or a change in flight schedule occur, China Southern Airlines shall inform you and all other passengers about the above situation and your accommodation arrangement at the boarding gate and the customer service counter.

A wheelchair will be provided for you to assist you with boarding and embarking from the plane - you do not have to apply for it.

4. In-flight

We will do our best to arrange the most suitable seat for you according to your needs.

On our flights, 50% of our aisle seats have movable armrests. You can use these according to your own needs.

If the flight on which you are traveling has more than 100 seats available, you can take your own manual foldable wheelchair with you. We will be very happy to provide your wheelchair with storage space on a first-come, first-served basis on our flight. However, we highly encourage you to inform us about your wheelchair specifications in advance so that we can let you know whether enough space is available for storing your wheelchair. Currently, toilet wheelchair accessibility is restricted on some flights due to the limitations of certain aircraft types. Furthermore, we cannot always guarantee that an on-board wheelchair will be available. If you require an on-board wheelchair, we recommend you submit the application in advance in order to ensure your travel experience goes smoothly.

The informational and safety movies provided during your flight use high-contrast subtitles with both the English and Chinese versions for your convenience.

5. Complaints

If our service(s) fails to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, you may submit a complaint through the following:

Call the China Southern Airlines sales service hotline: 95539 (Domestic): +86-20-86682000 (International)

Or send an email to:

Click here to download: Americans with Disabilities Act

Passengers with wheelchairs

I. On the ground

We provide wheelchairs in every airport so that you can use them inside the airport terminal(s). If you require such a service, please call 4006695539 as soon as possible before departure to make a reservation after your flight booking.

II. On-Board Wheelchair

We provide mobility impaired passengers with in-flight wheelchairs on the following routes to be used in the cabin aisle:

I. US routes

Guangzhou - Los Angeles – Guangzhou, Guangzhou - San Francisco - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - New York - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Wuhan - San Francisco - Wuhan - Guangzhou.

II. Australia routes

Guangzhou - Sydney - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Melbourne - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Perth - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Brisbane - Guangzhou.

III. New Zealand route

Guangzhou - Auckland - Guangzhou

IV. European routes

Guangzhou - London - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Amsterdam - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Paris - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Moscow - Guangzhou, Guangzhou - Changsha - Frankfurt - Changsha - Guangzhou.

V. Canada route

Guangzhou - Vancouver - Guangzhou

For non-US routes (no limit for US routes), each flight may carry two passengers who reserve on-board wheelchairs.

If you need to book this service, please apply to our ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines located in your departure city no later than 48 hours before departure, or please call the Customer Service Center at 4006695539. If we have approved your application, please complete your check-in procedures at the counter 2 hours before the check-in time for regular passengers closes Accompanying persons of the passenger shall declare that they are the accompanying persons at the time of booking. The accompanying persons and the passenger shall complete their check-in procedure together so that we can arrange your seats next to each other.

III. Boarding Lift

If you are unable to use the stairs on your own, we will do our best to provide you with a boarding lift for flights without docking with a jet bridge.

IV. Wheelchair as Check-in Luggage

If you need to take a wheelchair (manual or electrical) during your journey or another mobility aid (walking stick, crutches, walker, motor scooter), please inform us of your requirements at the time of booking.

Unfoldable, manual or battery-powered wheelchairs may be transported as check-in luggage. Battery-powered wheelchairs shall be delivered 2 hours before the check-in closing time for regular passengers and shall conform to the corresponding regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods. The wheelchairs may be transported as check-in luggage at the check-in counter or boarding gate. You may retrieve them at the baggage claim area when your flight reaches its destination. It would be of great help to us in the handling of your wheelchair if you could bring the following materials or equipment to the airport:

a. Manuals for your wheelchairs and batteries

b. Special tools required for assembling your wheelchair

c. For lithium ion battery-powered wheelchairs, UN recognized testing documents proving that the battery meets the testing requirements stated in Section 38.3, Part III of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria

Transporting wheelchairs for sick and disabled passengers is free of charge.

If you are using a battery-powered wheelchair or an electrical mobility aid, please complete your check-in procedures in advance (2 hours before the check-in time for regular passengers closes) so that we have sufficient time to arrange the loading of your wheelchair.

For US route flights, if there is a storage facility and space in the cabin, the wheelchair will be stored on a first-come, first-served basis; If there is no storage facility or space in the cabin, the wheelchair will be checked in as luggage free of charge.

Passengers Who Require a Stretcher

China Southern Airlines can provide a stretcher upon request from passengers. In order for us to confirm whether the flight can provide a stretcher, and in order to be able to process the health certificate and arrange loading and boarding with the stretcher, please contact the ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines located in your departure city, or call the Customer Service Center at 4006695539 to make your request as early as possible, and no later than 72 hours before your flight departure time.

Each flight can only carry one passenger that requires a stretcher. Our stretcher equipment will be made available in the economy class cabin.

Passengers who require a stretcher shall be accompanied by at least one doctor or caregiver. Passengers may also be accompanied by family members or guardians, subject to medical certification stating that the patient does not require medical care during the flight.

1. Fees

Passengers requiring a stretcher shall pay additional fees for relevant services; please obtain more details about fees by contacting the ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines located in your departure city, or by calling the Customer Service Center at 4006695539. Please note that additional fees do not include the following:

(1) Calling an ambulance, being hospitalized, or other relevant expenses.

(2) Airfares and other expenses for accompanying persons.

If you need to cancel your booking before departure, you are required to pay 5% of fares corresponding to a passenger with a stretcher (individual airfare + additional stretcher fee) as a refund fee;  If you wish to cancel your booking after departure, you shall not be eligible for a refund. This type of booking cannot be changed at passengers' own discretion. Any such changes shall be handled as a refund at the passengers' own discretion.

The method used to calculate the airfare above is only applicable for flight segments handled by China Southern Airlines. For passengers with a stretcher, taking a flight operated by other airlines or for passengers whose flight includes flight segments operated by other airlines, the airfare will be calculated and charged according to the rules of the relevant operating airlines.

2. Free Baggage Allowance

The free baggage allowance for passengers with a stretcher is 180 kg. The free baggage allowance for the accompanying person is calculated according to the seat class defined by the paid airfare.