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Elderly Passengers

Ⅰ. Passengers aged above 65 who are mobility-limited or even have to board an aircraft with the help of assistive equipment and require certain special treatment or service may be treated as special passengers and given special service.

Special services shall be applied when booking ticket and passengers can only board after approval and essential arrangement are made by our staff first under China Southern Airlines’s rules. Please read Special passengers rules or call +(8620)4006695539(International phone) to inquire before ticket purchasing.

Download of Special Passenger Application Form in Air Travel

Ⅱ. Acceptance Conditions

Elderly passengers conforming to the following conditions are acceptable for transportation:

1. Elderly passengers should be assisted in check-in by an escort and be picked up and looked after by a designated person at their destinations.

2. If an elderly passenger's flight includes two or more legs, his or her escort should arrange a person to pick up and take care of him or her at the transfer point and provide the name, address, and contact number of this person.

3. If an elderly passenger's escort has difficulty in arranging personnel at the transfer point and requires us or local agents to hire nursing assistants, this passenger cannot be accepted unless the hiring request is raised and approved by us in advance.

Ⅲ. Airfare and Tickets

The airfare for an elderly passenger is the same with a normal passenger. When the escort service offered by China Southern Airlines is required, apart from ticket fare based on common adult price, an additional service charge equivalent to 50% of the ticket price for a normal adult passenger will be imposed.


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