The attractions in Wuhan City have direct buses, very convenient. There are no ticket sellers on the buses. The air-conditioning bus fare is 2 yuan, and the general bus fare is 1.2 yuan, the trolley bus fare is 1 yuan, no change is available on buses.


The ferry in Wuhan is characteristic. Taking ferry, you can enjoy the scenery at both sides of the bank, and night scene in Wuhan. After disembarkation, you will enter the Hanjiang Road Pedestrian Street in Wuhan. Ferry fare in general is 1.5 yuan/person, and the fare of a better ferry is 5 yuan/person.

Tour buses

Wuhan has one-day tour buses prefixed with "4". There are two kinds of ticket systems: 2 yuan for general ticket, you can take once by holding this ticket; 5 yuan for through ticket, you can get on and off at any station within the route on the same day. The air conditioners are open in winter and summer, without addition fee charged.