There are 306 railway stations in total in Sydney, 8 of which are in the downtown and those are Central Station, Town hall Station, Wynyard Station, Circular Quay Station, St James Station, Museum Station, Martin Place Station and Kings Cross Station. These stations are reasonably arranged covering the key locations of the downtown.


Sydney has well developed bus lines. Each line has its own timetable. Generally, there would come a bus in every 15 min. The driver also works as ticket seller. Moreover, IC cards are sold on buses. Different IC cards indicate different distances, for example, generally, blue cards are for 2 stations, yellow for 5 and green for 10 and they have different prices.


You can only wait a taxi in the riding locations in Sydney. The flag-down fare is 2 AUD and is added 1 AUD for every 1 kilometer. If you need driver's help on baggage, extra tips will need.

4.Water transport

It is a very good way to go sightseeing on Sydney in a pleasure boat. All pleasure boats start from Circular Quay, stop at Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge and finally stop at the destination-Manly.

5. Tourist bus

Tourist buses in downtown Sydney are very convenient, and the Sydney Explorer is one of them. It not only runs along key scenic spots of the downtown but also costs fair. With only one ticket, you can take the bus for limitless times and can get on or off at any station. The Sydney Explorer runs 26 stations and appears at a station in every 20 min. It takes 1 hour and 40 min to cycle around Sydney and the last bus is at 5:20 pm.