Scenic Spots

1.Sydney Opera House

Geographic Location: Lie on Bennelong Point.

Introduction:The Sydney Opera House lies on the Bennelong Point in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia. This comprehensive arts center which is considered to be a typical work of giant sculpture in modern architectural history is also a symbol mark of Australia. This opera house was officially completed in 1973 and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO on June 28, 2007.

2. Sydney Tower

Geographic Location: (Markef Street)上 Lie in urban center, on Markef Street which is between Hyde Park and Queen Victoria Building.

Introduction:The Sydney Tower lies in the urban center in of Sydney, Australia with a height of 304.8m, which is the highest building in Australia and the highest visiting platform in the Southern Hemisphere as well. As a multifunctional building, the Sydney Tower is a conical tower with 9 floors; 1st and 2nd floor are two revolving restaurants and 3rd and 4th floor are lookout floors; the Sydney Tower is also a shopping mall with about 180 stores in the three floors of the tower footing which are full of a variety of goods.

3. Harbor Bridge

Geographic Location: Lie on Port Jackson.

Introduction:No matter you arrive at Sydney by air or by ship, it is the world's widest huge iron bridge that comes into view at first. Across the ocean from the Sydney Opera House, it also becomes a symbol of Sydney. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is called "Clothes rack" by local residents; it was constructed by 1,400 workers for 8 years, costing AUD 13.5 million (about USD 6.9 million). This bridge is 502.9m long and 48.8m wide with 8 lanes, 2 rails, 1 cycleway and 1 sidewalk

4. Blue Mountains

Geographic Location: Lie in 104km to the west of Sydney.

Introduction:The Blue Mountains lies in 104km to the west of Sydney. The oil droplets volatilized by eucalyptus here present blue light after being refracted in the air and that is the origin of the name Blue Mountains. The central point of the Blue Mountains is Katoomba; famous attractions include vast jungle, canyon, waterfall, spectacular stone column group, and Three Sisters located in Echo Point, etc.