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Sydney is located at the southeast coast of Australia; it is the capital of New South Wales, also the most populous city in Australia. Sydney lies in the coastal basin which is situated between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Blue Mountains to the west; it enjoys the world's biggest natural harbor – Port Jackson, as well as over 70 harbors and beaches, including the famous Bondi Beach. Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and the center of commerce, trade, finance, tourism and culture as well.

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Sydney is just like a bright-colored kaleidoscope which shows another color if you turn it to another angle and presents another charm if look back. Not only the pearl of Sydney harbor – the world famous Sydney Opera House seats here, but also the elegant and mysterious Blue Mountains does. Here, fresh air is waiting for you, and lovely koala is longing for an intimate contact with you.

Nickname: Sydney

Climate: Subtropical humid climate

Language: English

Area code: 61 (country code) 2 (city code)

Postcode: nsw2000e

Region: Southeast coast of Australia

Emergency call: Police/ambulance/fire:000; phone number query station 12344

Currency: Australian dollar

Monetary exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 0.96 AUD 1 euro = 1.38 AUD (subject to current rate)

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  • Australian Embassy, Immigration Section

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