Scenic Spots

1. Tianya-Haijiao

It is a famous easide tourist area in Sanya City. Legend has it that a couple can be together lifetime if they come here. The scenic spot is located 24 kilometers west of Sanya. The Sun and Moon Stone is located on the sea surface at the entrance of the scenic area. The stone is composed of two cross-tapered rocks engraved with "Sun" and "Moon" respectively and dependent on each other. Legend has it that couples come here can love each other and become old together, hence famous.

2. Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay National Resort District is a high-quality tropical scenic waterfront in the eastern suburb of Sanya, Hainan. It is located about 10 km from the downtown. The day is crescent-shaped with a 7 km-long silver-white beach and fine sands. Here, the South China Sea had not been contaminated and is clean and transparent, showing several different blues afar. Under the sea surface, there are a rich variety of underwater coral species, where you can appreciate corals and have a variety of underwater activities including diving, so the submarine tourist project is hot. On the shore, there is lush forest. In winter, the temperature s 27℃, the water temperature is 20 ℃, so it is an ideal resort to escape cold and have leisure entertainment in winter, hence the name "Oriental Hawaii". There are many luxury hotels along the coast, including the five-star Holiday Inn Resort. Jinmu cliff and Yanlong cliff are good places for cliff climbing. There is Wild Boar Center in centre, East Island, West Island in south, East Row, West Row in west for a variety of water sports.