Nanning City now has existing six bus companies: Nanning Public Transport Co., Ltd., Nanning Baima Public Transport Co., Ltd., Nanning Chengyunxin Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., Nanning Medium Bus Co., Ltd., Guangxi Yunde Group Yongning Bus Co., Ltd., Guangxi Large Bus Co., Ltd., with 143 bus lines and nearly 1,000 buses.


Nanning City has taxi companies including Haibo, Kangfu, Sanyun, Hongmumian, Beifang, Zhonglu, Jiuzhou, Yinjian, Antu, with taxi stations in main streets, and complement hotline prominently printed on the taxies.


At present, Nanning rail transit project has been approved by the State, and is under intense construction. Metro Line 1 (Luowen - Railway East Station) covers a total length of 27km and a total of 21 stations, including: underground line of 15km, overhead lines of 12km, 17 underground stations and 4 ground stations. The construction started in 2009 and is expected to be opened to traffic in 2013.