Scenic Spots

1. Zuojiang Shi Jing Lin

Zuojiang Shi Jing Lin is located 5.5 km south to Chongzuo County, and covers an area of 1,500 mu. Here, you can find storm peaks, lakes, winding paths, trees, vines, Qionghua, and grass, which are subtly combined to form marvelous spectacle. It is characterized by Feng Qiao, Feng show, secluded caves, steeps, strange stores, water, and greenness everywhere.

2. Kunlun Pass

Kunlun Pass is located 59 kilometers northeast of Nanning, 30.5 km southwest of Binyang County, and at the junction of Binyang and Yongning counties. Legend has it that Qin dynasty commandant Tu Sui established the pass after the conquest of Lingnan. In the 11th year of Tang Yuanhe (AD 816), it was constructed to be "Nanxiong Pass" and renamed into "Kunlun Pass" in the Song Dynasty. The Pass gate is engraved with big characters of "Kunlun Pass". In the 15th year of the Republic of China (1926), Nanliu Road made a detour at the foot of the mountain. Since then, Kunlun Pass became an important pass of the Guangxi- Vietnam international line. It controls Binyong highway and is an unchallenged position, thereby hotly contested since ancient times.