Airport Information

Nanning Wuwei International Airport is located Wuxu Town, Jiangnan District, south of Nanning. It is 31 km from the city, and operates direct flights to major domestic cities, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok and other foreign cities. The airport has special buses between the downtown and the airport to pick up passengers, the buses schedule depends on the specific flights, from 5:30 am to the last flight for a fare of 15 Yuan/person. The buses will stop for the passenger to get off midway, but will not pick up new passenger. The downtown departure station is at Nanning civil aviation ticket office (near Nanning Railway Station), from 5:30 to 19:00 and directly to the airport; in addition, many hotels offer shuttle service. Tourists can also take bus No. 301 for roundtrip between the airport and the downtown for a fare of 3 Yuan/person. If you take a taxi to the airport from the downtown, you may bargain with the driver, the usual price is approximately 70 Yuan, and 90 Yuan if taking the highway, and it takes about 40 minutes to arrive at the airport.