The period from May to September is the best time for travel, during which, it is pleasantly cool. So it is suitable for you to spend the summer holidays here. Especially in July and August which is the best period, the temperature is always between 20-30℃, and is comparatively suitable to go on a tour. It is the peak travel season of Russia.

If you want to keep away from the peak travel season, the period from May to June or from September to October is also a good travel season. It is not suitable to have a travel in Russia during the end of February and the early April, because the winter snow gradually melts and the road is comparatively muddy during the early spring period. The cold and dry winter is also not suitable for travel in Russia, during which, it features short day and long night, but the Russia in winter also has its unique charm. Walking at the street of Russia at -20℃, you will be embraced with snow-covered landscape, which is rare at ordinary times.

Wearing tips: the summer is warm and comfortable, you may wear unroped garment. The winter is cold, you need to wear the warm thick cotton-padded clothes. It is rainy, so it is suggested to take an umbrella with you.