Airport Information

1. Airport Name

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

2. Basic Information

Kuala Lumpur is one of Malaysia's most important international airports. In the airport, the direction boards are made in English, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. In addition, the airport also sends airport information and notices by broadcasting in English, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese.

3. Airport Traffic

Airport Express Rail:

By the airport express rail, it only costs you 28 minutes to travel from the airport to the Kuala Lumpur Central Plaza in the downtown of Kuala Lumpur.

Airport Metro:

It only costs you 35 minutes to travel from the airport to the downtown of Kuala Lumpur, during which, the metro vehicle will pass by five stations.

Bus Service:

You can move towards the First Passenger Transport Building and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal to take the airport bus

Taxi Service:

If arriving at Malaysia, passengers from the First Passenger Transport Building, which is interconnected with the Satellite Passenger Transport Building, need to purchase the ticket only at fixed cost to take the airport taxi.

Passengers from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal can take airport taxi or city taxi (red)