Influenced by the North Atlantic warm current and westerly wind, London, United Kingdom has a temperate maritime climate, with small temperature difference between the four seasons. It boasts cool summers, warm winters, humid air, plenty of rain and fog, especially in autumns and winters.

Summer (June - August) in London sees the temperature at about 18°C, even 30° C or higher sometimes. In spring (the end of March - May) and autumn (September - October), the temperature maintains at about 11-15°C. During winter (November – the midmonth of next March), the temperature fluctuates at around 6°C. Winter in London rarely sees ice-up, but the moist and cold air may make people get cold for 2-3 times in a winter.


London is suitable for tourism all the year round, but in the winter some of the attractions will be closed or shorten opening hours. They generally will be open under fine weather. July - August are peak seasons for tourism in London, but in addition to the uncertain sunshine, there are also crowds and rising prices during these months.