Scenic Spots

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Introduction:The TMII is the impeccable miniature of landscapes and buildings of different styles from 27 Indonesian provinces. Here, you can appreciate Sumatra's tropical scenery and get a view of sublime, quiet, and elegant white temple and the world-famous Barabudur stupa on the Java Island. Also, you can roam about in the "Tropical Virgin Forest" on the Irian Jaya Island where you can have a view of ancient and obsolete canoe, thatched shed made of trunks, and resplendent and shining palace in the coco jungle etc.

2. The National Monument

Introduction:Located in the downtown, the National Monument (height: 132m) is the highest building in Jakarta, and on its tower top there is a Torch of Freedom made of 35kg gold. If arriving at the tower top by elevator, you will hold high-rise buildings, wide streets, shuttling cars, verdant trees and fresh flowers in a single glance.