Scenic Spots

1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Geographic Location: Located near the Centenary Post Office

Introduction:Built with red bricks, the Notre Dame Cathedral is also called Red Cathedral, and touted as the most famous landmark in Ho Chi Minh City. Red Cathedral's name derives from its red appearance, but Notre Dame Cathedral is the exact name. With an even architectural shape, the cathedral is grand and solemn, and its two 40m-high bell towers are skyscraping. The Notre Dame Cathedral's design style originates from the Notre Dame de Paris.

2. Dalat Summer Resort

Geographic Location: Located in the Lam Dong Plateau, 100km to the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City in Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Due to its high altitude and basin terrain, the Dalat Summer Resort has a cool climate (average annual temperature: 18℃), and accordingly becomes a famous summer resort in Vietnam. In Dalat Summer Resort there are colorful and brilliant flowers and a great many waterfalls, among which, French-style villas are extensively scattered. That lures countless tourists.