Scenic Spots

1. Qianling Park

As one of the main scenic spots in Guiyang City, the Qianling Park, with a floor space of more than 426 hectares, is located in the northwest of Guiyang downtown, and it is one of China's few urban large-scale parks. Lying against the Qianling Mountain, the park has exuberant forest and picturesque scenes, and the tree-lined Qianling Lakeside is enchanting and graceful. In the park there are lots of wild macaques, and they always pester tourists for food. How funny and interesting it is!

2. Nanjiang Canyon Park

Kaiyang Nanjing Canyon Park, the first canyon park in China, is reputed as the "Second Hometown of Tao Yuanming". Located in the middle of Guizhou Plateau, the park is 54km away from Guiyang City, capital of Guizhou Province. The park is characterized by grand karst canyon with typical formation and diverse waterfall groups with multifarious postures, presenting tourists a graceful landscape and sundry scenes. To sum up, Kaiyang Nanjing Canyon Park is a scenic spot of high aesthetic value and scientific value.