1. Metro

Guangzhou Metro now has put 9 lines into service, and they are:

  • Metro Line 1 (Xilang to Guangzhou East Railway Station)
  • Metro Line 2(Jiahe Wanggang to Guangzhou South Railway Station)
  • Metro Line 3 (Tianhe Passenger )Transport Center to Panyu Square), (Airport South to Tiyu West Road
  • Metro Line 4 (Huangcun to Jinzhou)
  • Metro Line 5 (Jiaokou to Wenchong)
  • Metro Line 8 (Fenghuan New Village to Wanshengwei)
  • Guangfo Line (Xilang to Kuiqi Road)
  • APM Line (Linhe West to Chigang Tower)

2. Taxi

At present, Guangzhou City has five colors of taxi bodies (red, yellow, blue, gold, and green), and each body color represents specific taxi company. However, these taxies have the uniform charging standard. In Guangzhou, the taxi's flag-down price is RMB7 (within 5km), and RMB 2.6/km will be charged when the taximeter reading exceeds 5km. Passengers shall additionally pay a 1-yuan fuel oil surcharge.

3. Railway

So far, Guangzhou City has built four railway stations, including Guangzhou Railway Station (for passengers and freight transport), Guangzhou East Railway Station (for passengers and freight transport), Guangzhou South Railway Station (for passengers transport), and Guangzhou North Railway Station (for freight transport).

4. Bus

In Guangzhou, there is not bus conductor, and no change will be given on the bus. Due to this, passengers should prepare the change by themselves and pay when getting on the bus. In the bus the voice system will read stop name in Chinese mandarin, Cantonese, and English.