City profile

As a megalopolis and one of five major central cities in China, the sub-provincial city Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, is touted as the economic, cultural, scientific, and educational center and the traffic hub of South China. Guangzhou City is also South China's largest and most time-honored foreign trade port, one of the world most renowned port cities, and China's famous historical and cultural city. Situated in South China, southeast of Guangdong Province, and north rim of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou City, the confluence of three rivers (Xijiang River, Dongjiang River, and Beijiang River), abuts on the South China Sea, links Huizhou City's Fuluo County and Longmen County in the east, borders on Foshan City's Sanshui, Nanhai, and Shude District in the west, lies against the downtown of Qingyuan City, Fogang County, and Shaoguan City's Xinfeng County in the north, adjoins Dongguan City and Zhongshan City in the south, and stands opposite to Hong Kong and Macao across the sea, showing an advantaged geographic location. Historically, Guangzhou City was one of the starting points for the "Sea Silk Road", and it was previously known as "South Gate of China". Guangzhou City hosted the 16th Asian Games in 2010.