Dining and Nightlife

Doha is a truly multicultural city, resulting in a huge choice of cuisines from all over the globe to suit all budgets.

Visitors in need of a quick snack will love shawarmas – lamb or chicken carved from a rotisserie then rolled in flatbread with salad and garlic sauce. Served long into the night from roadside stands, these are staple food for night owls.

For a more elegant yet authentic Middle Eastern dining experience, visit Souk Wakif. Built to a traditional design on the site of the old Bedouin trading market, the Souk is a maze of alleyways packed with everything from traditional clothing to incense, and is also a great Arabic - and international - dining destination.

Those looking for an upmarket place to eat should head to The Pearl, an artificial island built on an ancient pearl diving site. Newly opened, it features several celebrity chef restaurants alongside other designer dining and nightlife establishments.