Annual average temperature in Chongqing is 16-18 ℃, and the temperature in Jiangjin, Banan, Qijiang, Wanzhou and other places in Yangtze River valley is above 18.5 ℃, the temperature in Qianjiang, Youyang and other places in southeastern parts is 14-16 ℃, the temperature in high-elevation Chengkou in northeastern part is only 13.7 ℃, the average temperature in the hottest month is 26-29 ℃, the coldest monthly average temperature is 4-8 ℃. The pentad temperature method can be used to clearly divide four seasons, the average rainfall is rich in Chongqing, 1,000-1,350mm in most of the region, and precipitation is mostly concentrated in May-September, accounting for about 70% of total annual precipitation. Chongqing's annual average relative humidity is widely 70% -80%, so Chongqing belongs to a highly humid area. The annual sunshine time is 1,000-1,400 hours, while the sunshine percentage is only 25% -35%, making Chongqing become an area with the smallest sunshine, the sunshine in autumn and winter is less, only about 35% of that in the whole year.

On the whole, the main urban area of Chongqing has subtropical monsoon climate, making it a livable city. The climate in spring and autumn is mild, the winter is relatively cold, with the lowest temperature averaging at 6-8 ℃, the heat in summer and early autumn is unbearably. Night rain is frequent in spring and summer, hence the saying of "Evening Rain at Ba Mountain", presenting the scene of landscape garden. Since there are many rivers and valleys in Chongqing, coupled with more developed heavy industry, Chongqing is foggy. The number of foggy days averages 104, making Chongqing be known as "foggy city."