Ancient Egypt

Cairo is home to the Egyptian Museum, which contains an overwhelming amount of ancient artefacts and mummies, and is an important stop on any aspiring Egyptologist's tour. However, Cairo itself is home to only a fraction of the standing monuments and burial sites of the pharaohs, which are well-scattered throughout Upper Egypt. ('Upper' actually refers to the southern portion of Egypt, while northern cities like Cairo and Alexandria are known as Lower Egypt.)

However, the handful of ancient sites that are found in Cairo happen to be some of the most famous; and no matter how overcrowded or surrounded by tourist traps they may be, visiting the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids at Giza will never be a cliché.

Most surprising, is that for a small fee one is permitted to actually enter the ancient pyramids through dark, steep and narrow tunnels – claustrophobics and less agile climbers take note – and stand deep within a hollow in their mysterious interiors. This makes for a truly unforgettable experience; however, visitors should be warned that entrance is not always available due to regular maintenance and upkeep.