Dining and Nightlife

To experience authentic fare in Cairo, head to the ubiquitous street cafe to sample three popular Egyptian dishes: foul medammas, koshary and falafel. Vegetarian and filling, these grain and legume-based dishes will help get you through a busy day.

For more sophisticated dining, try a dinner cruise on the Nile. Take your pick among several large river boats – these typically offer several hours of floating up and down one of the most famous rivers in the world, multi-course dinners and live entertainment. For a more private dining experience, pack a picnic and rent a felucca, a small wooden sailboat complete with a skipper, and enjoy a few hours of serene pleasure cruising on the breezy Nile.

Cairo's nightlife is abundant. Egyptians stay up late, so the city's restaurants and bars tend keep their doors open until the early morning hours – and some even stay open all night. If you seek musical entertainment, try the Cairo Jazz Club, Cairo Opera House, or the El Sawy Culturewheel for live performances from both Egyptian and touring international artists.