So far, Busan City's extensive metro system has four trunk lines, of which, Metro Line 1 starts from the Nopo-dong Station in the north and passes through the Geumjeong-gu, Dongnae-gu and the downtown areas of Busan (like Seomyeon and Beomil-dong) to arrive at the Gwangbok-dong and Sinpyeong Station in the south. The east-to-west Metro Line 2 connects the Haeundae District in the east with the Yangsan City. In addition, the east-to-west Metro Line 3 links the Daejeo-dong with the Suyeong-gu. It is worth pointing out that the newly-built Metro Line 4 is an unmanned light rail system, and extends from the Minam Station to Anpyeong Station.