Airport Information

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is a large-scale international airport that has the most important geographic position, the largest scale, the most complete facilities, and the busiest transport in China. As Beijing's air portal and important window for foreign communication, BCIA has advantaged regional competitiveness, profound historical background, and matchless pivotal position. In 1958, it was selected into "Beijing Top 10 Buildings". In 2008, it was rated as a new landmark in Beijing. At present, it becomes the first airport in Asia-pacific region that is equipped with three terminal buildings and three runways, and featured by simultaneous running of two control towers. In light of the design, the airport's passenger throughput rockets to 82 million person-times. Thanks to constant expansions, the airport now has the world largest single-structure terminal, and also it is China's only international airport that has three runways. Ranking the first place among China's three central airports, BCIA boasts China's densest flight network, which is the world optimal in terms of accessibility (only in mainland of China). By virtue of increasingly consummate flight network, BCIA becomes one of the world busiest airports. Each day, 1,400 flights of more than 70 airlines link Beijing with 191 cities all over the world through BCIA, the pivotal airport of the Air China. Aside from accessing the downtown by highway, passengers can take the Airport Rapid Transit to shuttle between the airport and the downtown.