Airport Information

Auckland International Airport

3km (20 miles) from the downtown

and 50km (31 miles) from Anaheim Disneyland.


Transport Information

Transport between international terminal and domestic terminal

From 6:00am to 10:30pm every day, there is free shuttle bus between the international terminal and domestic terminal. The bus stops are located in front of the gates of the two terminals. Air New Zealand and Qantas have their bus stops set in front of the domestic terminals. There are pavements connecting every terminal.

Shuttle bus (AirBus)

AirBus offers transport service between the airport and the downtown. It takes about 1 hour and costs NZD 15. The shift interval is 20 minutes in daytime and 30 minutes in the evening.

The first shift begins at 6:20am, while the last shift ends at 10:00pm (to the downtown).

The first shift begins at 6:20am (4:40am from November 1 to April 30), while the last shift ends at 10:00pm (to the airport). For adults, it is NZD 15 for one-way ticket and NZD 22 for round-way ticket. For children (4-14 years old), it is NZD 6 for one-way ticket and NZD 12 for round-way ticket. For backpackers and students (with student ID), it is NZD 13 for one-way ticket and NZD 20 for round-way ticket. Extra NZD 6 will be charged for passengers carrying surfboards, snowboards or bicycles (must be packed).

Passengers can buy Airbus tickets from the driver without advance booking. It takes about 1 hour from the airport to the downtown.


The ticket price is NZD 26 for one person and NZD 32 for two persons. The bus takes about 60 minutes, which is the most economical and fast way between the airport and the downtown. Discount will be offered for two passengers or more, i.e., about NZD 6 will be added for each additional passenger. Round-way bus may usually be taken with other passengers. Duration of the journey depends on the traffic conditions and numbers of passengers picked up during the trip. Please leave as early as you can if you take an international flight.


It costs about NZD 50-65, and takes about 30 minutes. During rush hours, it may take longer to travel between the airport and the downtown, and the taxi cost may be as high as NZD 80.

If you take a taxi to the airport, please leave as early as you can. Taxies approved to take passengers at the airport can provide you with trustworthy services.

Car rental

Main car rental companies operate their business in the terminals. We strongly recommend you to book a car in advance.


There is no subway available at Auckland Airport.

Driving a car

It takes about 45 minutes driving from the airport to the downtown. If you drive from the downtown, you can leave from Gilles Ave exit of Expressway No. 1, and then follow the airport signs to Airport Expressway No. 20A which will lead you to the airport.

Airport Services & Facilities

Transport Details
ToiletsAvailable everywhere at the airport.
Special toilets are available for the disabled.
Diaper Change RoomAvailable in most toilets.
InternetOnly accessible in the departure hall.
Exchange OfficeAvailable at Tom Bradley International Terminal and T4.
Public TelephoneAvailable everywhere at the airport, with Braille keyboard equipped.
Travel GuideAvailable at Tom Bradley international terminal and T4.
Baggage VanAvailable everywhere at the airport.
Reception and customer servicePassengers can ask the personnel to escort them to the boarding gate if necessary. Please ask the customer service representatives for help.