Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

China Southern Sky Pearl International VIP Lounge is formally opened on January 9, 2012 after reconstruction and upgrade. Located in the No. 1 East Corridor of Guangzhou Baiyuan International Airport, the Lounge aims to build a 5-star premium passenger lounge focusing on the needs of international premium passengers in terms of functional design, hardware facilities, software design, and staff quality. It is now China’s largest and finest VIP lounge, with a total area of 1400 m2 and 206 seats.

The elegant and fashionable Lounge perfectly integrates the modern simple style and Chinese classic style, bringing premium passengers comfortable and quiet private spaces. The Lounge has two floors, with partition management adopted for the first/business class passengers and the elite member passengers. It is available for first/business class passengers, VIP passengers, Sky Pearl gold/silver card holders, SkyTeam Elite Plus card holders, and VIPs of China Southern Airlines’ partners. The rest area special for China Southern Airlines first class and business class passengers offers individual services based on international standards to meet the diversified demands of passengers.

Reception Desk

Distinctive rest area for premium passengers

Exclusive lounges for first/business class passengers on 2/F

Dining area for first/business class passengers on 1-2/F, with various hot and cold foods selections

Unique and elegant VIP lounges

Comfortable chairs in rest area for elite members

Passengers may enjoy views of filght take-off and landing when lying on the lounge chair on 2/F

1. Where is the China Southern Sky Pearl International VIP Lounge?

-- It's located in the No. 1 East Corridor of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Passengers can see it in front on the way to the boarding gate after going through the check-in procedures, passing the customs, security check and border exit inspections.

2. Can the Lounge meet the passengers' needs during peak time for transportation?

-- So far, the daily premium passenger volume of the Lounge is 345, including 188 first/business class passengers and 157 member passengers. The peak hours for passenger reception are from 18:00-21:00, with 70-80 first/business class passengers and 40-60 member passengers. Therefore, the new lounge is capable of meeting passengers' demands.

3. How many Sky Pearl VIP lounges does China Southern Airlines have and what are they?

-- China Southern Airlines has 5 Sky Pearl VIP lounges with a total area of 4500 m2 at present. Apart from the one opened today, the four other lounges are located at the No. 1 West Corridor, No. 2 West Corridor, No. 3 West Corridor and No. 3 East Corridor of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, meeting the needs of all China Southern Airlines premium passengers for boarding at the nearest gate. Generally, passengers can choose the lounge nearest to their boarding gate. Each lounge will provide passengers with free refreshments, TV, computers, internet access, newspapers and magazines. The lounge in the No. 2 West Corridor is a new one built according to the 5-star standards of Skytrax, realizing partition management for the first/business class passengers and member passengers, among which, the first/business class passengers can enjoy free shower, massage chair and other facilities.