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International Boarding Procedures

Take Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as an example. It only serves as a reference for other airports. The specific requirements for different airports are subject to the regulations specified by the local airport.

Kindly Reminder:

In order to avoid any delay, please leave enough time to arrive at the airport. Please go through the Boarding Procedures and check-in baggage. Pay attention to the airport announcements when you are waiting in the waiting hall.

If a passenger fails to arrive on time at the China Southern Airlines check-in counters or boarding gate, or fails to produce valid ID and transport documents, or not ready to travel, China Southern Airlines may cancel the seat reserved for the passenger in order to avoid the delay of the flight. China Southern Airlines will not be liable to the passenger for any loss or expense incurred.

If your ID card is lost, in accordance with the related regulations, you must go to the public security organ in the place where your registered permanent residence locates. The public security organ will issue a certificate for lost ID card including such information as name, age, residential address and the expiry date, and paste your recent photo without a hat and stamp with the seal of the public security organ. A certificate for reporting lost ID card will be issued by the public security organ where your ID card is issued, which contents shall be same as the above mentioned. Then, you can apply for a temporary boarding certificate issued by the civil aviation public security organ (located in the waiting hall of the airport) with your household register or employment card, letter of introduction and other valid certificates which can certify your identity. If you do not carry the above mentioned valid certificates with you during travelling, please contact local civil aviation public security organ.

Check-in baggage and Collecting the Boarding Pass

Please go to the service counters to check-in baggage and collect the boarding pass with the air ticket, your valid passport and visa.

Tips: To ensure boarding on time, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes before your flight. The boarding service will be closed between 45 and 60 minutes subject to the each airline. Please pay attention to the instruction on your air ticket.

Please carry your valid documents (e.g. ID and passport), cash, bills and expensive items with you.

Your carry-on baggage shall not exceed 5kg. The size of the bag must not exceed 20cm * 40cm*55cm.

Inspection and Quarantine, Customs

Please produce your air ticket, passport, visa and related documents. If you are a Chinese citizen and will travel overseas for over one year, the valid health certificate is compulsory. If your destination is an epidemic area, you need to have the vaccinations.

If you have any articles to declare, please pass through the Red Channel (the Declaration Channel) to proceed to customs. If without, please pass through the Green Channel (the Non-Declaration Channel).

Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection

If you are a foreign passenger, please submit your valid passport, visa and the departure registration card. Please depart before the expiry of your visa.

If you are a Chinese citizen (including resident of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), please submit your valid passport, visa, departure registration card and travel documents issued by related authorities.

Tips: The departure registration card is not required for Chinese citizens and residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Security check

Please have your ID, air ticket and boarding pass ready and submit to the inspector for inspection. For the flight security, you must walk through the metal detectors and carry-on baggage must be X-rayed.

Tips: The airport construction fee is included in the air ticket, which is not needed in the security inspection.

Liquids may only be carried in containers no greater than 100 ml. Fire lighters are prohibited on boarding.

Waiting and Boarding

Please wait at the waiting hall corresponding to your boarding gate. Boarding usually starts around 40 minutes before take-off. Please pay attention to the airport announcements and flight information. Please have your boarding pass ready for boarding. Passport checking may be needed for some flights.

Tips: To ensure a smooth boarding, please keep your boarding pass and do not fold it.


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