Sanya Phoenix Airport, the international airport in the southernmost tip of China, gets its name for its location at Phoenix Village, Yanglan Town, Sanya City. It's 14km away from downtown Sanya in the east, 5km away from Tianyahaijiao Scenic Zone in the west. It is on the seashore with beautiful environment. Landing visa for foreign passengers is applicable in the airport.

Transfer Information

Sanya is the destination of domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore there are almost no transit passengers and there is no exclusive transfer counter. The transfer procedures can be handled in all the counters.

Means of Transport

Take 15 yuan airport bus at the exit of the airport. The last stop of the bus is No. 1 Jiefang Road in the downtown. You can take 5 yuan Taihe Bus Travel Line 102 downtown to the airport or 1 yuan Bus 2 and 4 at Dadonghai to the airport. Inquiry hotline of Sanya Phoenix Airport buses: 0898-88393969 0898—88391891.

Airport Tax

RMB 50 yuan (usu. included in the ticket). Children under 12 are exempted.

Individual Free Articles

Overview of Airport Facilities

The self-service check-in counter is set at Island B of the airport. Baggage shipping can be conducted at 12 counters. There is a VIP room of China Southern Airlines in the isolated area.

Useful Information—Check-in Counter

Gates 1 and 10, Counter Island C of domestic departure of the terminal building (the service of Boarding Procedures stops 45min before the scheduled departure time of the flight)

Useful Information—Airport VIP Lounge

Enter the isolated area, turn left to the tax-free article claim site, and then you can see the VIP Lounge of China Southern Airlines. Opening time: 06:00-23:30