Transfer Information

Follow the transfer time of China Southern Airlines
To conduct Boarding Procedures of the connecting flight, follow the signs to the check-in counter.

Means of Transport

To the downtown:
Airport bus: RMB 20 yuan
Taxi: HKD 350

Airport Tax

RMB 50 yuan (usu. included in the ticket). Children under 12 are exempted.

Individual Free Articles

Every passenger can carry tax-free articles of RMB 5,000 yuan and the articles can be carried enough for self use.
According to the rules of the customs, the incoming passenger can only carry 400 tax-free cigarettes and 1,500ml tax-free alcoholic beverage.

Overview of Airport Facilities

Self-service check-in counter is set at the left of the departure hall at the second floor of Nanning Wuxu International Airport. You can go through the check-in procedures and print the boarding pass within 24hours before any China Southern Airlines flight starts.
In the entire terminal building, facilities are provided for the handicapped people, including the low-positioned telephones and washroom for people in wheelchair.
In addition, the cafes are set in the first and second floors of the terminal building. One waiting hall for the old, weak, sick, pregnant and disabled people is located at boarding gate 3 at the departure hall of the second floor of the terminal building.
The airport medical room opens from 7:00am to 9:00pm and is located behind counter 10 at the second floor of the waiting hall. Tel: 0771-2095120.

Useful Information—Check-in Counter

Counters 1-10 at the second floor of the terminal building of Nanning Wuxu Airport
(The service of boarding counter stops 30min before the scheduled departure time of the flight)

Useful Information—Airport VIP Lounge

1) Shunlv VIP1 is located at the security gate at the departure hall of the second floor of the terminal building;
2) Shunlv VIP2 is on the left after the security gate at the second floor of the terminal building;
3) The lounge for the first-class cabin passengers is located beside boarding gate 4 at second floor of domestic waiting hall;
Opening time: 6:00 am—end of the outgoing flight (except for VIP)