Transfer Information

No transfer.

Means of Transport

Leaving for the People's Square of the city – Airport bus: RMB 20 Yuan

Leaving for Chagnchun Railway Station – high speed railway: RMB 10 Yuan

Leaving for Civil Aviation Ticket Office at Chongqing Lu of the downtown – Airport bus: RMB 40 Yuan

Leaving for Jilin Railway Station – high speed railway: RMB 24 Yuan

Airport Tax

RMB 50 Yuan (often included in the ticket) and children under 12 are exempted.

Individual Free Articles

1. Residential passengers are not allowed to bring from abroad articles of more than RMB 5,000 Yuan; non-residential passengers RMB 2,000 Yuan. Articles surpass the above value should be declared through the customs

2. Every passenger is allowed to bring less than 400 cigarettes and 1500 millimeters alcohol. Tax will be collected passing the limit.

3. Tax will be collected according to law concerning such articles as television, cameras, video recorders, video players, air conditioners and acoustic equipments.

4. Animals and plants are prohibited by China inspection and quarantine departments.

Overview of Airport Facilities

Special counter for self boarding is in the north of counter no.8 of Island A. Passengers can check in and print their boarding passes 48 hours before take off. The medical center is in the departure lobby of west Island C and opens around clock. The phone number for emergency is 0431-88797120.

Useful Information—Check-in Counter

E01-08General Check-in Counter,E09 Staff Counter, E10Senior Managers’ Counter, E11First Class/ Business Class Counter, E12Pearl Membership Economic Class/ Soldiers’ Counter,E16Check-in Directors’ Counter

There are 2 mother-infant rooms in the domestic terminal (opens from the first flight to the last one) with no specially assigned person to look after.

Useful Information—Airport VIP Lounge

The lounge is room A316 in the domestic isolation lobby in the opposite of no.5 boarding gate, open from 6:30 to the last flight.