Notes for Connection

Instructions for China Southern Airlines Airport-Coach Connection Service

1. Please see the specific departure and journey times from city check-in stations. Contact information for these stations can be found in the attached list.

2. China Southern Airlines is exempt from any legal liabilities related to this ground transportation service.

3. In addition, China Southern Airlines is exempted from any liabilities regarding passengers missing their connection via this ground service program if the misconnection is caused by lack of minimum connecting time, coach carrier operating business or other factors.

4. Each coach pass is non-transferable and will be issued after presenting with valid identification either at city check-in desks or coach ticketing counters at Baiyun International Airport Guangzhou.

5. Seat reservations are not available for ground transportation. Passengers must confirm their respective coach number and departure time at the coach pick-up point. Each passenger will be issued a ticket at each city location.

6. Each coach pass is only valid for the travelling day and may not be changed after issuance; however, passengers may take a different coach on the original date of transportation, provided seats are available.

7. Coupons of ticket must be used in the sequence listed on the ticket. Coupons of the ground transportation that have been used not in sequence shall be invalid and cannot be used during future flights.

8. Ground transportation is not eligible to earn Sky Pearl Club FFP mileage and Sky Pearl Club mileage cannot be redeemed for ground transportation services.

Bus station


Phone number

the start/terminus and schedule (for your information only)

Baiyun airport

The shuttle bus ticket counter at Gate 5 of Area A Arrival or at Gate 5 of Area B Arrival, Baiyun Airport


Dongguan bus station

Dongguan road hongcheng department store


Dongguan-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0530
last bus departs at 2030
every 30 minutes

baiyun airport-dongguan
first bus departs at 0700
last bus departs at 2330
every 30 minutes

Dongguan east city liuhua park


zhuhai bus station

Tangjiawan zhengangwan road NO.1088


zhuhai-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0500
last bus departs at 1910
every 30 minutes

baiyun airport-zhuhai
first bus departs at 0800
last bus departs at 2330
every 30 minutes

Xiangzhou meihua road NO.299


Gongbei lianhua road NO.1


shenzhen bus station

Shangbubei road yinhu bus station


shenzhen-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0600
last bus departs at 1730
every 30 minutes

baiyun airport-shenzhen
first bus departs at 0930
last bus departs at 2150
every 30 minutes

Zhongshan bus station

Dongyu road jingsheng hotel


zhongshan-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0600
last bus departs at 1730
every 40 minutes

baiyun airport-zhongshan
first bus departs at 0830
last bus departs at 2330
every 40 minutes

Jiangmen bus station

Yingbin road NO.118


jiangmen-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0600
last bus departs at 1830
every 50 minutes

baiyun airport-jiangmen
first bus departs at 0850
last bus departs at 2130
every 50 minutes

Foshan bus station

Chancheng area huiqi road, First floor of the Metal Trading Center


foshan-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0500
last bus departs at 2130
every 30 minutes

baiyun airport-foshan
first bus departs at 0640
last bus departs at 2350
every 30 minutes

Taishan bus station

Taicheng pinghu road NO.2


taishan-baiyun airport
first bus departs at 0400
last bus departs at 1800
every 60 minutes

baiyun airport-taishan
first bus departs at 0900
last bus departs at 0030
every 60 minutes

Tip 1:

Airline-Ground Combined Transportation Products: Buses are available as the actual carrier on XX - Guangzhou / Guangzhou - XX leg (CZ5601-CZ5690, except CZ5620 and CZ5606) (dependent on the virtual flight No. and the leg), and please refer to the above table for details about bus schedule and related information. If in doubt, please call 4006695539 for solution.

Tip 2:

Airline-Ground Combined Transportation Products: The passengers who are going to take XX - Guangzhou leg (CZ5620 and CZ5606) will enjoy door-to-door service for pick-up by commercial vehicles, and you will be reminded of the specific departure time ahead.  Those whose air flights depart at noon will be fetched to the airport one day ahead, at their own cost for accommodation, and are sincerely suggested to keep available on their phones at any time. If in doubt, please call 4006695539 for solution.