Online Check-in

What is online check-in?

Online check-in is a convenient and efficient option for check-in procedure. In case you do not have checked baggage, you can check in online, print the boarding pass out and board on the plane directly after security check without getting boarding pass from the service counter at the airport, which may save your time of waiting in line.

Which kind of passengers can check in online?

Adult passengers who have bought confirmed flight E-tickets without change procedure (except for passengers who need special services or verification of other boarding certificates). Flights originating from some domestic cities, Guangzhou and flights originating from some international cities have opened the online check-in (for some connecting flights, flights from Macao, flights from Guangzhou to Japan, America, Korea, Australia are not available for online check-in).

Which kind of ticket is suitable for online check-in?

It must be valid adult E-ticket (except for passengers who need special services or verification of other boarding certificates); the traditional paper ticket is not accepted for online check-in.

Which language does China Southern Airlines offer for online check-in?

Chinese and English.

Which flight segments can I check in online?

Please inquire here.

Can I check in online with ticket bought from agent or intermediary?

Passengers can check in online with all E-tickets despite of the way of purchase. 

Can I check in online with connecting flight?

Due to the factors of your continuous flights, connecting time etc, some connecting flights do not support online check-in.

Can you reserve my seat for a longer time if I have checked in online?

No, you must arrive at the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure; otherwise, it will be regarded as voluntary waiver of the seat and your ticket will be dealt with as voluntary change or refund.

How to check in online on China Southern Airlines website?

Log in the home page of China Southern Airlines, and then click "Online check-in" under the menu of "Online Service" to enter the login page of online check-in system, passengers can choose channels by themselves.

Can I check in online individually if I am in a group?


Can I check in online for round-trip ticket?

Yes, you can check in online with both of the round-trip tickets in accordance with the online check-in time.

Are there specific safety requirements or standards for passengers to check in online?

Both of the online check-in passengers and traditional check-in passengers need to accept the security check and get through by security staff's seal on boarding pass without specific safety requirements or standards.

What should I know during online check-in?

You must have the valid adult E-ticket and provide the identity information in accordance with the one used for booking. Passengers with paper tickets cannot check in online.

Why can't I check in on the website or through SMS?

The possible reasons for failure of online check-in are listed as below:
1. Network is busy;

2. Your flight does not support online/SMS check-in or is not at the time of check-in;

3. Change of airplane types intermits the check-in.

---- You can go to the airport counter to check in or wait for a moment.

Can group passengers check in online?


Why can’t I see the interactive seat forms when checking in online?

Please check your web link or internet speed firstly. Or maybe it is because of the low version of your browser that cannot display the page, and you need to upgrade your browser.

Is there any time restriction on online check-in?

Online check-in will start from 14:00 on the day before departure day to one hour before the departure (some cities can start earlier). So if you need to check in online, be sure to check in during this time range.

Can I choose a seat by myself through online check-in?

Yes, after successfully log-in and by “Select your seat”, you can use the seat stauts icon to choose the seat you like (empty seat icon can be chosen and sitting seat means it has been occupied)

Is there any requirement for printing paper of boarding pass of online check-in?

When you check in online, you only need to use A4 paper to print the boarding pass.

Does it matter that if some part of the boarding pass is not correctly printed or cannot be printed?

It matters. After online check-in, you must print the boarding pass on one paper so as to provide convenience to your boarding. If your boarding pass is lost partially or printed on over one page, we suggest that you should readjust your printer and print the boarding pass on one paper.

Why can’t I change the seat?

It may due to the unstable system or network problem. You can retry later. We do apologize to you for the inconvenience. You could also go to the airport to change the seat.

Can I check in online if I do not have a printer and cannot print the boarding pass?

Yes, you can receive the boarding pass at the airport counter or duty counter at the airport with valid certificate.

What should I do if I have lost my boarding pass after online check-in?

You can receive the boarding pass at the airport counter or duty counter at the airport with valid certificate.

Can I check in online if I have checked baggage?

Yes, you can check in online, however, you need to check in baggage at the airport counter before departure.

If you still have to check in baggage after online check-in, please arrive at the airport earlier to ensure enough time for checking in baggage. For deadline of airport counter, please consult the local airport.

Standard of carry-on baggage: each person can bring one hand baggage (two hand baggage for passengers of first class) not exceeding 20×40×55 cm in size and 5 Kg in weight.

Why does the boarding gate displayed on the boarding pass is “Undistributed”?

It is because that the online check-in is usually earlier than the boarding gate distributed. So please pay attention to the display screens or consult the staffs at the airport.

Can I check in online if my flight is mixed of domestic and international flights?

Sorry, you cannot.

Can I check in online with accompanied child?

The child cannot check in online. Only the passenger with valid adult E-ticket can check in online. So we suggest you check in at the airport counter together with your child.

When should I arrive at the airport after successful online check-in with printed boarding pass?

You must board a plane 15 minutes before departure, so you need to reserve the time for checked baggage and security check to avoid missing the flight.

Can I upgrade my cabin when checking in online?

Online check-in does not support upgrade. If you need to upgrade, you can contact with the sales office or the departure airport.

Can I check in online with codeshare flight?

Codeshare flights of CZ with initial number of 5 or 7 are not supported.

Can I check in online for my companion?


Why can’t I find the menu of online check-in?

The menu of online check-in is under the option of “Booking” on website; so you need to log in first. If you are not a member, you could register first.

Why can’t I inquire my record after log in the member’s area?

If you are already a member and have done valid booking, you could log in the website and inquire related information. The possible reasons that you cannot inquiry may include: you have not done valid booking; your network is in poor condition with many delays, and complete information cannot be displayed, you may change the network environment or computer; our server is busy right now, you may try later on.

Why can’t I check in online after 14:00 one the day before departure day?

The possible reasons are listed below:

1.     Network is busy

2.     Your flight does not support online/SMS check-in or is not at the time of check-in;

3.     Change of airplane types intermits the check-in.

You can go to the airport counter to check in manually or check in later on.

Why can’t I log in?

Please check you network link first. In case the network link is normal, please verify the login information, because you may input the wrong member ID or password. Sometimes the system maintenance may lead to fail to log in temporary. Please retry it later or go to the airport counter to check in.

Why can’t I inquire my record while I have reserved a seat and want to check in online?

You need to log in with your member ID used for flight booking to inquire reservation information. Please also check your network status.

Why am I asked to provide the flight information?

Because we need to inquire your ticket reservation with the provided information.

How can I cancel my check-in?

It is the same as check-in, you can log in the online check-in page and choose the flight checked, and then cancel the check-in.

Can I check in again with the same flight after cancellation of online check-in?


Why can’t I cancel the online check-in?

If you cancel the check-in within one hour before departure or have checked in your baggage, you can't cancel the online check-in. In case you have to cancel it, please go to the airport and contact with service staff.

How can I change my reservation after cancellation of check-in?

You can contact with your travel agent, ticket agent or any of the ticket offices. Or you can call the service hotline : 4006695539 (Mainland); 8620-22395539 (International) (7×24 hours), or call the sales service hotline: 95539 (Mainland); +86-20-86682000 (International).

Does the cancellation of check-in mean that I have cancelled the ticket reservation?

No. The cancellation of online check-in only means the waiver of former seat you have chosen and does not mean you have canceled the ticket reservation. If you want to cancel reservation, you can operate by cancellation service.

How should I receive my boarding pass after online check-in?

You can print your boarding pass by yourself after online check-in.

Is "Online Check-in" service suitable for all the flights of China Southern Airlines?

Only part of the cities are available for online check-in service. Please inquire available cities on our website.

Why can’t I find the flight I want to check in online?

Probably because your flight does not support online check-in service at the moment. Please go to the airport counter for check in.

Can I check in online for infant?

Sorry, the online check-in is not available for children and infants.

Can I cancel the reserved ticket after finishing “Online Check-in”?

Please cancel the check-in first, and then you can cancel the reserved ticket.

What information is included in the printed boarding pass after online check-in?

The information includes: your name, flight, member card number, certificate number, seat, flight number, flight date etc.

Why my reserved seat change to be other passenger ?

Maybe because you did not save the information.

How should I set my printer to print my boarding pass?

For convenience of printing boarding pass, the resolution of your printer, including laser printer, should be above 300dpi. If you are not sure about your printer set, we suggest that you should refer to the printer instruction. And you’d better print it in black and white with A4 paper in advanced mode.

What should I do if the printed boarding pass is incomplete?

You can readjust your printer and reprint. Or you can go to the airport counter to reprint the boarding pass.

What equipment do I need for printing boarding pass?

There must be related software in your computer, such as software for reading PDF documents.

1. Computer with linked network

2. Printer with 300dpi resolution or above

3. A4 or standard sized paper

4. Browser with the function of pop-up window