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China Southern Collaborates with “Garfield” to Launch Goodie Bag for Kids

On March 8th, the new goodie bag for kids designed by China Southern in collaboration with famous cartoon character, Garfield, was launched. With Garfield as the theme of design, the new goodie bag for kids is made available to child passengers aged between 2 and 12 who hold tickets for kids (on such tickets the passenger name is followed by the CHD identifier) on long-haul international flights. Little passengers can choose from four types of goodie bags, which are updated every 3 months to bring them pleasant and fun flying experience.  

The new goodie bag comes in 4 themes of design: Garfield’s World Tour, Pilot Garfield, Garfield and the Food, and Garfield’s Flight Dairy. Each comes with a customized gift bag, a Safety Information cartoon, and a Garfield toy. In addition, small gifts and educational toys of different kinds are also included in each goodie bag depending on the specific theme of design.