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China Southern Airlines’ new Airbus A330-300 model now carries new-generation in-flight entertainment and networking system

Recently, the new-generation in-flight entertainment and networking system has been made a new feature on China Southern Airlines’ just-arrived Airbus A330-300 model. The new system, which is more intelligent and smoother to operate, offers a greater range of in-flight recreational options for passengers, including real-time Internet access and various entertainment programs.

Currently 5 new Airbus A330-300 have joined China Southern’s fleet, with 5 more to come. It is learned that it has taken 1 year for the airline to design and develop the new system together with internationally renowned suppliers. The user interface of the new system is also built, for the first time, under China Southern’s collaboration with famous international design companies, and looks stylish, simple, and yet very characteristic of the airline company. Significant improvement has been made to the image quality,  operational performance, and response time of the video and audio playing modules, bringing more intelligent and personalized entertainment experience to passengers.

Another remarkable feature of the new system is the new cabin networking platform which satisfies passengers’ need for real-time Internet surfing. At altitudes of over 10,000 ft (approximately 3000 m), passengers can connect to the Internet with their own tablets and laptops to browse China Southern Airlines’ websites, process emails, use wechat, read news, and connect to WLAN on the plane to access pre-installed movies, music and other entertainment resources for more diverse recreational options during flight.