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Ecuadorian Roses landed in China Southern Airlines Beautiful Gift for a Woman who Dreams High

In order to celebrate the International Women’s Day, and to strengthen the relationship between Ecuador and China, the Asia’s largest airlines –China Southern Airlines,together with the Consulate General of Ecuador ,in Guangzhou hosted the campaign of “An Ecuadorian Rose for a Woman who Dreams High” on March 8th in China.

In this International Women’s Day, the Opening Ceremony of the “An Ecuadorian Rose for a Woman who Dreams High” campaign was hosted in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The Ambassador of Ecuador to China Mr. Jose Borja, the Consul General of Ecuador to Guangzhou, Ms Mariella Monlina, the Executive Vice President of China Southern Airlines, Mr. Ren Jidong toasted to celebrate this International Women’s Day, and announced the formal start of the campaign. After the opening ceremony, 3800 premium roses were gifted to the female passengers of the China Southern Airlines on the selected flights took off from Guangzhou to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other Chinese cities. This also symbolized each rose from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, carried the respects and blessings to the Chinese women, spread its fragrance to the every corner of China.

As the largest Airline in Asia, China Southern is committed to putting the customer first and dedicated to exceeding its customers' expectations by offering reliable, on-time and convenient services. China Southern Airlines operates extensive network all over the world. Through close cooperation with SkyTeam member airlines, just as KLM, passengers can take China Southern flights through Europe transit to Ecuador.

The success of this campaign, displayed the wonderful culture of Ecuador, promoted the deeper exchange of the two countries, and strengthened the friendship between Ecuador and China.

The best varieties of roses are grown on the slopes of the volcanoes of Ecuador. Located in the Equator Line of the South America Continent, Ecuador as “the closest country to the sun”, has the unique geographic condition to grow this special rose. Here, the sun illuminates the earth for 12 hours a day throughout the year, and the temperature is also very stable. For all these reasons, Ecuadorian roses are unique, thanks to their strong and long stems and their brilliantly colorful petals. In addition, one of the most sought-after features of the Ecuadorian rose is its long life-span after cutting where it can have up to 15 days life when put it in a watered vase. Thus, Ecuadorian roses are clearly the best and most beautiful roses in the world.