vision or hearing impairment

Travel Tips

For passengers with a hearing impairment, please book your ticket at our local China Southern Airlines branch according to the contact information listed in the Domestic Sales Agency section on this website.

To ensure a smooth journey, we will provide any necessary guidance and assistance services free of charge to unaccompanied passengers with a vision or hearing impairment. If you need to book these services, please inform our ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines located in your departure city when booking, or please call the Customer Service Center at 4006695539.

In-flight Information

Passengers with a cochlear implant or another hearing aid can board without prior notice and use such devices throughout the journey. Passengers may carry their crutches or other mobility equipment, which shall be stored in the overhead locker or under the seat. The crutches shall be placed flat on the cabin floor and shall not block the aisle or the emergency exit. If you cannot fold your crutches or they cannot be stored under the seat, you can ask the cabin crew for help. Carrying the aforementioned mobility equipment on-board is free of charge.

Please arrive at the check-in counter to complete your check-in procedure at least 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Service Dogs

If you need to be accompanied on your journey by your service dog, please inform our staff at the departure city:Please request when reserving a seat from a China Southern Airlines ticket office or authorized ticket agency,no later than 48 hours before your flight departure time.

Please show us your service dog's identity and quarantine documents at the time of booking and when boarding. When traveling internationally or regionally, you will also have to prepare an entry permit for your dog for each country of arrival or transit. Please arrive at the airport with your service dog and complete your check-in procedure no later than 2 hours before check-in for ordinary passengers closes.

While boarding, please have your dog equipped with a muzzle and leash, and fasten the leash to your seat belt during the flight. For large-breed service dogs, please have them stay on the cabin floor next to your seat; and for small-breed and lighter service dogs, you may keep them on your lap.

Tips: According to announcement of the General Administration of Customs, P. R. China 《Announcement on Further Regulating the Supervision of Pet Importation and Quarantine》, from May 1, 2019, where a passenger brings a service dog into the country, he or she shall provide the Customs with a valid quarantine certificate issued by the official animal quarantine institution of the exporting country or region and a rabies vaccination certificate; and pets should have microchips. (For details, please see Small Animal Transport Rules)