CZ326 SYD-CAN Flight Travel Requirements

Dear Passengers,

To ensure the safety of passengers, reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, the Embassy and Consulate-Generals of China issued “Notice on China-bound foreign passengers(Jun-30-2022)”. According to requirements of the notice, China Southern Airlines have made changes on health checks for passenger travelling with CZ326 (Sydney - Guangzhou). Passengers who travel this flight (on and after 05/10/2022)are required to follow these instructions.

1. Complete a nucleic acid test required by “Notice on China-bound foreign passengers(Jun-30-2022)”

1) All passengers should take two nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before departure, respectively at two different qualified institutions (with different names) certified by Australian government. Those two nucleic acid tests should have a time-span between more than 24 hours. The first nucleic acid test should be taken two days before departure.

2) The second nucleic acid test should be taken on the same day of departure. The test report do not need to be uploaded to the Embassy or Consulate-General but the hard copy of the report will be examined by the airlines.

3) The first nucleic acid test result should be uploaded to the Embassy or Consulate-General, and if meeting the requirements, the Embassy or Consulate-General will issue the Blue Code for the passengers. Please show the Blue Code and the second nucleic acid test report to the airlines during boarding. If you cannot provide the report or the report cannot meet the requirements, you will not be allowed for boarding.

4) In order to reduce transmission risk, the passengers living in Sydney and Melbourne where there are direct flights to China should fly from their living cities directly. If the passengers choose to take the direct flight to China starting from the other city not the living city for some essential reasons, all tests should be taken in the city where the direct airline flights to China.

5) Please refer to for more information.

2. Passenger pre-departure checklist

For your convenience, please refer to the following checklist:

a) Health Code

b) Hard copy of PCR test (on the same day of departure) report

c) Hard copy of PCR test (two days before departure )report

d) Passport and Air Ticket

Please prepare the above-mentioned relevant materials when you check-in at the airport, China Southern Airlines staff will verify all required documents upon check-in. According to the "Notice" of the Chinese Embassy in Australia, if you fail to provide the relevant documents, China Southern Airlines has the rights to decline your check in.

3. For other inquiries

Timely check the latest notice issued by the China Embassy , please visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Australia:

Please email us if you have further questions, contact information is as follows:

Sydney Office:

Melbourne office:

Please understand that China Southern Airlines reserves the right to interpretation and explanation of this and any subsequent information and/or instruction.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

September 26, 2022